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By Gary F. Zeolla

    These Workout Posts and Videos are continued from Workout Videos: 2023 and Full Workout Logs: 2018 - 2021. But these pages are not full workout logs. They are reproductions of posts on my social media pages.

Basic Workout Design

    My basic workout design is to do one major exercise, which is to say one of the powerlifts (Squats, Benches, or Deadlifts) or a variation thereof, then two additional exercises. But for my workout posts, I generally only indicate my work sets for my main exercise of the workout day and a video with the top two sets.

    I use a rather unique training plan. For Squats and Deadlifts, I have six workouts. Those six workouts are divided into two groups. One group is the powerlift itself in the first workout then a very close look-alike lift in each of the next two workouts. The other three workouts contain a more significant variation of the powerlift. I alternate between these six workouts and between each group.

    For the first three workout weeks, I was trying to do a form of flat Benches twice a week, but that was not working out, so I went back to what I have long done, having a Bench and a Bench Assistance (BA) day each week. I have four workouts for each. For the Bench Day, I alternate through regular Benches and three variations thereof. For BA Day, do what I call non-flat Bench assistance exercises. Specifically, I alternate doing a form of Inclines and Dips one week and a form of Declines and Overhead Presses the next week.

    I lift five days a week. I alternate doing a Squat or Deadlift workout on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and a Bench or BA workout on Mondays and Fridays, taking Wednesdays and Saturdays off. In that way,  I do Squats and Deadlifts every 4-5 days and Bench work every 3-4 days.

    For the first month of 2024, I was doing four work sets for the powerlifts and variations thereof, for 7-8, 5-6, 3-4, 1-2 reps, increasing the weight about 5% set to set. But then I went back to what I had been doing in 2023 and many time previously. I am now doing three work sets with gear for 5-6, 3-4, 1-2 reps, then a raw “backoff” set for 8-12 reps.

    I will indicate my weight/ reps for each work set, but the video is generally only of the top two geared sets. For other exercises, I generally do three sets. For compound moves like Rows, I do 7-9, 5-7, 3-5 reps. For isolation exercises, I do 9-11, 7-9, 5-7 reps. If there is a video of these, it is only of the top set. All weights are in pounds.

    For further details, see the article My New Powerlifting/ Strength Training Workout Plan. For my training philosophy in terms of workout intensity, see the article Training to Almost Failure.



    I had two shoulder surgeries to fix multiple Rotator Cuff Tears. My left shoulder was done on August 20, 2021. My right shoulder was done on July 15, 2022. In-between and after these surgeries I sustained three muscular injuries. The last of these injuries was on July 27, 2023 (see Squat Injury).

    These workout posts and videos begin at the end of 2023, as I was just getting back into heavy and hard training after recovering from the last of those injuries. At that time, I was 62 years old.  I am only 5’0” and weigh about 122 pounds. I had been competing at 114s, but if I compete again, it might be at 123s.

    My contest bests in my fifties before the surgeries were 335 – 180 – 405 @114s. But now that I am in my sixties and after these five injuries in the past two and a half years, I will be trying to forget what I did in my fifties and before the surgeries and focus on setting new “60s PRs.”


Music Notes

    In order to hear my workout music, you need to turn the volume up. That is because I am often listening to very old cassette tapes or CDs on an old music box, though I also stream music using Pandora onto Bluetooth-enabled speakers. That sound quality is much better.  For the type of music I usually have playing, see the articles listed at  Contemporary Christian Music on my Christian website.

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