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Impeached for a Phone Call? is a new article.

Another Bogus Kavanaugh Allegation is a new article.

The Mueller Hearings About the Not-Mueller Investigation and the Not-Mueller Report is a new article.

Racist, Racist, Who Is the Racist? is a new two-part article.

Trump Said There Was a Crisis at the Border, But He was Ridiculed for It is a new article.

Salute to America: President Trump’s Ode to American Exceptionalism is a new article.

Pride Month: Latest Co-opt by the LGBTQ Movement is a new article posted in my Christian website, but it has relevance to politics, so it is being linked to from here.

Debate with a Liberal is a new page with an audio file of my appearance on the In Perspective talk show mentioned below.

I will be appearing on the In Perspective talk show at 6:00 pm today (6/14). I will be debating with a liberal (Peter Altschul) about President Trump. The main issue that set up this debate was Peter’s claim on a previous episode that Donald Trump is a racist and an “immoral” person. I emailed the show afterwards refuting those claims. The host suggested the two of us have a debate.

To listen to the show and to participate, call 712-775-8984, and use pass code 514295. The show will last about one hour.

I previously appeared on In Perspective. In that appearance, I mainly talked about my Christian Darkness to Light ministry.  To listen to a MP3 of that episode, click here:

Hopefully, I will be able to post a MP3 from this episode afterwards as well.

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