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Male Sexual Energy

Supplements Descriptions

by Gary F. Zeolla

This homeopathic spray contains testosterone in homeopathic amounts. This means the actual amount of testosterone is extremely small. But the idea is that taking this very small amount of testosterone will stimulate the body to produce more of its own testosterone. The result of doing so would be to not just improve a man's sex drive and performance, but would also carry many other benefits. Among these would be the potential for increased muscle mass and strength, decreased body fat, improved sleep, and increased energy levels. Therefore, don't let the name throw you. There are many purported benefits of this spray.

Male Sexual Energy also contains ingredients designed to raise human growth hormone (HGH) levels, DHEA, and thyroid hormone levels. As such, this product is designed to stimulate a wide range of hormones in the body. This is important as different hormones affect the activity of other hormones. And raising the levels of one hormone will help raise another another.

The instructions say to take this product by spraying it twice under the tongue, three times a day (first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, and at bedtime). One bottle contains a one month supply. Over the winter of 2003-2004, I used three bottles. At the same time, I also used three bottles of Liddel's Vital HGH. That product contains human growth hormone (HGH) and other ingredients designed to raise HGH levels.

I noticed a definite increase in my sex drive, an improvement in sleep, and it seemed to be helping my powerlifting progress as well. But it didn't help with the fibromyalgia fatigue I have been dealing with since the spring of 2001. But still, it was having a noticeable effect. I also found it is important to be meticulous in following the directions and being sure no to eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before and after using the spray. However, thinking that products containing testosterone and HGH and that were designed to raise hormone levels should be cycled (i.e. taken for a period of time, then stopped for a period to time), I stopped taking them. But within a month, I noticed a loss in all areas of improvements.

I then called the company, and they told me there was no reason to cycle these sprays. The reason usually given for cycling hormone raising products is that if they are taken indefinitely the body's own production of the hormones will diminish. Also, there is an increased risk of side-effects. But given the nature of homeopathy, neither of these is a problem. First, side-effects are usually non-existent with homeopathic remedies, unless you're allergic to the alcohol used to make the solutions.

Second, the nature of this product is simply to induce the body to make more of its own hormones. It does not provide hormone precursors (like various "andro" products do). And even though these products do contain actual testosterone and HGH, the amount is extremely, almost infinitesimally, small. To understand the principle here would require a discussion of homeopathy in general, which is beyond the scope of this article. But suffice it to say, I immediately went back on the Male Sexual Energy and quickly noticed improvements in the areas above.

Another point to note, when I called the company, I asked them another question just to be sure on something. I compete in drug-free powerlifting. I wanted to be sure I was correct in thinking that the amount of testosterone in this product was so small that it would not show up in a drug test. And they assured me that this was the case. There was no chance I would test positive from using this product.

Therefore, I started taking both products again in the spring of 2004. I continued to take them until the fall of that year. But since I was still struggling with the fatigue, I also continued to experiment with other supplements. And at some point, both of my alternative doctors {whom I now consider to be quacks) told me that they did not think these products were benefiting me. They simply did not think that low testosterone or HGH levels were the cause of my fatigue, so I stopped taking both products.

But about a month after stopping them, I began to have even greater problems with insomnia than I had been having. I also began to inexplicably put on weight. This was rather disturbing as I had a contest coming up, and the weight gain would make making weight for the contest more difficult. My training also began to stagnate, and I noticed a drop in my sex drive. Therefore, in March of 2005, I went back on just the Male Sexual Energy. And within just a few days, I noticed an increase in my sex drive and an improvement in my sleep.

A week after restarting the Male Sexual Energy, I had a blood test done for testosterone levels by my medical doctor, and my levels were borderline low. That means I had been on the right track in thinking low testosterone levels were contributing to my fatigue and related problems, despite what the quacks said. And most likely, if I hadn't just restarted the Male Sexual Energy, my testosterone levels would have been even lower.

It took a while to get another appointment with my medical doctor, but by May 2005 she wanted me to try testosterone replacement therapy. This was an option, but frankly it scared me due to the risk of side effects. And I already knew that I could get some improvement from the Male Sexual Energy. But I began experimenting with other supplements instead of the Male Sexual Energy to see if I could get better results.. But when I had another blood test done in June, my T levels had dropped to below the normal range, so I went back on the Male Sexual Energy.

For a while, I noticed an increase in the frequency of nighttime erections, an increase in my sex drive, I was sleeping better on most nights, and my training was going rather well. However, after a while, I began having problems sleeping. I would wake up repeatedly through the night. This is the problem I always experience when I consume something I am allergic to. Most likely, I became allergic to the alcohol in the spray, so I had to stop taking the Male Sexual Energy.

After that problem, I began researching other natural methods for raising testosterone levels. And I found that diet and exercise can have a  dramatic effect. I consequently altered my eating plan and workout program so as to optimize hormones. And by doing so, I tripled my testosterone levels, from being clinically low to being in the middle of the normal range.

With this new program, my sex drive is much better than it was, I am sleeping better at night, and my powerlifting training has been going very well. I present in detail the eating and exercise plan I have been following in my books God-given Foods Eating Plan and Creationist Diet: Second Edition. And I that diet and exercise program has had a greater effect than the Male Sexual Energy ever did, so I will stick with this more natural program rather than wasting any more money on supplements.

But I will say, of the various hormone enhancing products I have tried, Male Sexual Energy is probably the most effective and safest, and is relatively inexpensive compared to other such supplements. As such, I would suggest first trying the eating plan and exercise program outlined in my books. But if you want to add a little extra to that program,  then give this product a try, as long as you are not allergic to alcohol.

Before ending this discussion, I want to add two additional points. First, products like the Male Sexual Energy and Vital HGH will only help those who are over over 40. The reason is, you really cannot raise hormone levels higher than where they were went you were younger with any "natural" product. Therefore, teenagers and even those who are in their 20's or 30's really will not benefit from such products. They will have their greatest effects for those over 40 and especially for those over 50. But everyone can benefit from a hormone optimizing diet and exercise program, as detailed in my books.

Second, Liddell makes a Female Sexual Energy. I, of course, cannot comment personally on how well it works.

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The above article was posted on this site May 8, 2004.
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