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Vital HGH

Supplements Descriptions

by Gary F. Zeolla

This homeopathic spray contains human growth hormone (HGH), along with a couple of other ingredients designed to raise HGH levels. HGH levels decline as we age. And many of the effects of aging are due to this decline of HGH. Injections of HGH have shown to offset these effects and to have many health benefits.

However, injectable HGH is very expensive and can lead to many side effects, so supplement companies have come out with many different preparations purported to raise HGH levels naturally. These preparations are usually composed of various amino acids and other nutrients and various herbs. But this homeopathic spray is totally unique as it contains actual HGH. It has also been clinically tested and proven to raise HGH levels greater than any other non-injectable HGH preparation. However, unlike other HGH products and injectable HGH, as with most homeopathic remedies, Vital HGH is side effect free, as long as you are not allergic to the alcohol used in the preparation. The cost is also less than most other HGH supplements and considerably less than HGH injections.

Purported benefits of increasing HGH levels are as follows:
Regeneration of organs
Strengthened immune system
Improves sleep and promotes deep sleep
Decreased wrinkles
Improved texture and appearance
Increased bone density
Increased lean muscle mass and strength
Decreased body fat
Improved mood and sense of well being
Increased sex drive and performance
Increased energy levels
Improved cholesterol levels

The instructions say to take this product by spraying it twice under the tongue, three times a day (first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, and at bedtime). One bottle contains a one month supply. Over the winter of 2003-2004, I used three bottles. At the same time, I used three bottles of Liddel's Male Sexual Energy. That product contains testosterone and is designed to raise testosterone levels.

By the end of the three months I noticed a definite increase in my sex drive, an improvement in sleep, an increase in energy levels, and it seemed to be helping my powerlifting progress as well.. But thinking that products containing testosterone and HGH and that were designed to raise hormone levels should be cycled (i.e. taken for a period of time, then stopped for a period to time), I stopped taking both products. But within a month, I noticed a loss in all areas of improvements.

After that I tried taking other supplements purported to raise testosterone and HGH levels, namely Tribulus and glutamine. And these definitely helped, but not as much as the two Liddell products did. I thencalled Liddell, and they told me there was no reason to cycle these sprays. The reason usually given for cycling hormone raising products is that if they are taken indefinitely the body's own production of the hormones will diminish. Also, there is an increased risk of side-effects. But given the nature of homeopathy, neither of these is a problem.

First, side-effects are usually non-existent with homeopathic remedies, unless you're allergic to the alcohol used to make the solutions. Second, the nature of these products is simply to induce the body to make more of its own hormones. They do not provide hormone precursors (like various "andro" products do). And even though they do contain actual HGH and testosterone, the amount is extremely, almost infinitesimally, small. To understand the principle here would require a discussion of homeopathy in general, which is beyond the scope of this article.

Another point to note, when I called the company, I asked them another question just to be sure on something. I compete in drug-free powerlifting. I wanted to be sure I was correct in thinking that the amount of testosterone and HGH in these products is so small that it would not show up in a drug test. And they assured me that this was the case. There was no chance I would test positive from using this product.

Therefore, I experimented once again with both products. I found the Male Sexual Energy taken by itself has a greater effect than taking the Vital HGH by itself. Moreover, taking the two together does not provide much greater benefit than taking just the Male Sexual Energy. The reason for this is probably that the Male Sexual Energy has ingredients in it designed to raise HGH levels.

In fact, of the three ingredients in the Vital HGH, two are also found in the Male Sexual Energy, so it is somewhat redundant to take both of them. And since the Vital HGH cost more than the Male Sexual Energy, of the two, for some time, I only took the Male Sexual Energy. But eventually, I developed an allergy to the alcohol in it, so I had to stop taking it.

After that problem, I began researching other natural methods for raising HGH levels. And I found that proper diet and exercise can have a  dramatic effect, so I altered my eating plan and workout program so as to optimize hormones. With this new program, my sex drive is much better than it was, I am sleeping better at night, and my powerlifting training has been going very well. I present in detail the eating and exercise plan I have been following in my books God-given Foods Eating Plan and Creationist Diet books. Given this greater effect, I will stick with this more natural program rather than wasting any more money on supplements.

But I will say, of the various HGH enhancing products I tried, Vital HGH probably had the greatest effect and cost less. As such, I would suggest first trying the eating plan and exercise program outlined in my books. But if you want to add a little extra to that program,  then give this product a try, as long as you are not allergic to alcohol.

One final point; such products will only help those who are over 40. The reason is, you really cannot raise hormone levels higher than where they were went you were younger with any "natural" product. As such, teenagers and even those who are in their 20's or even 30's really will not benefit from such products. They will have their greatest effects for those over 40 and especially for those over 50.

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The above article was posted on this site May 31, 2004.
It was last updated June 21, 2017.

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