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2018 Tetra Training Plan Workouts Summary


By Gary F. Zeolla


      This page presents all of my workouts for my 2018 Tetra Powerlifting Training Plan. I will provide further details on this training plan later.


Workouts Summary


      All bench exercises done with a medium grip and a slight pause at the chest, unless otherwise indicated. The “extra low” depth for squats is 1-1/2” (2 boards) lower than my normal, legal depth. I hit each depth exactly due to using my *extra low foam squat box.



AMRAP = As Many Reps as Possible

CG = Close Grip

MG = Medium Grip (my regular grip)

WG = Wide Grip

BB = Barbell (usually my *Heavy Duty Power Bar)

CB = Curl Bar

SCB = Super Curl Bar (different grip angles than a regular curl bar)

DB = Dumbbell

RB = Reverse Bands

RC = Rotator Cuff

[…] = Not sure if I will use the variation or do the exercise.

Or = Could use either alternative.


Powerlifting (Afternoon) Workouts


Basic Design of Workouts:

Bench Assistance: Decline Benches, Seated Presses, Rows (overhand, to the chest).

Squats Day: Two Major Squat Exercises.

Bench Day: Two Major Bench Exercises, Rows (underhand, to the stomach).

Deadlift Day: Two Major Deadlifts Exercises.


Bench Assistance (BA):

Three-Week Rotation:

Week A: WG Decline Benches, MG Seated Presses, CG BB Rows.

Week B: CG Decline Benches, WG Seated Presses, MG BB Rows.

Week C: MG Decline Benches, CG Seated Presses, WG BB Rows.


Squats (Sleeves):

Week A: Three-Count Pause Squats, Olympic (extra low, close stance) Squats (no Manta Ray).

Week B: Extra Low Squats, Partial Squats.

Week C: Squats with Sleeves, One-Count Pause Manta Ray Squats.

Week D: Extra Low Two Chain Squats, One-Count Pause Squat.

Peaking Workout: Squats with Sleeves and/ or Wraps.

Contest: Squats with Sleeves and/ or Wraps.



Week A: 3-Count Pause Benches, CG Benches, WG SCB Rows.

Week B: 3-Count Pause One Chain Benches, WG Benches, MG SCB Rows.

Week C: Benches, 3-Count Pause CG Benches, CG SCB Rows.

Week D: Dead Stop Cambered Bar Benches, Rack Benches (with mats, 6” from chest), MG CB Rows.

Peaking Workout: Benches, [Rows].

Contest: Benches.


Deadlifts (Sumo):

Week A: Sumo 2” Deficit Deadlifts, Conv Deadlifts.

Week B: Sumo 3” Deficit Two Chain Deadlifts, Conv Snatch Grip Deadlifts.

Week C: Sumo Deadlifts, Conv 2” Deficit Deadlifts.

Week D: Sumo Snatch Grip Deadlifts, Conv 3” Deficit Two Chain Deadlifts.

Peaking Workout: Sumo Deadlifts.

Contest: Sumo Deadlifts.


Exercises Not Used


Bench Assistance (BA):

Cambered Bar Decline Benches, DB Decline Benches (arms together and alternating arms), DB Seated Presses (alternating arms), Incline Benches (all variations), Standing Presses (all variations), One-Arm DB Rows (overhand), Two-Arm DB Rows (overhand), WG Cambered Bar Rows, CG Cambered Bar Rows.



Bench Squats, Low Squats, Dead Stop Squats, Box Squats, [One-Count Pause] Close Stance Squats (no Manta Ray), Extra Low Manta Ray (high bar, close stance) Squats, [Extra Low] Sting Ray (front, close stance) Squats, Zercher (front, close stance) Squats.



Cambered Bar Benches, Rack Benches (without mats, 5” from chest), 3-Count Pause RB (#2, monster-minis) Benches, DB Benches (arms together and alternate arms), Dead Stop Feet Up Benches, Board Benches, Floor Presses, Triceps Pushdowns, Two-Arm Dumbbell Rows (underhand), One-Arm DB Rows (underhand), One-Arm DB Rows (parallel grip), WG CB Rows, CG CB Rows.



Sumo and Conv RB (#4, average bands) Deadlifts, Sumo 2” and 4” Block Pulls, Conv 2” and 4” Block Pulls, Sumo and Conv Rack Pulls, Sumo [2” Deficit] SLDLs, Conv [2” Deficit] SLDLs.



Cardio/Speed & Isolation Exercises (Morning) Workouts


Basic Design of Workouts:

Day 1: Heavy Bag, Curls, Grip Work.

Day 2: Speed Squats, Calves, Upper Abs.

Day 3: Speed Benches, Reverse Curls, Rotator Cuff.

Day 4: Speed Deadlifts, Leg Curls, Adductors/ Abductors or Lower Abs.


Day 1 (on BA day):

Three-Week Rotation:

Week A: ^Heavy Bag, MG SCB Curls, Hand Gripper (holds).

Week B: ^Heavy Bag, MG CB Curls, Hand Gripper reps).

Week C: ^Heavy Bag, CG SCB Curls, Hand Gripper (holds + reps)


Day 2 (on Squats day/ Sleeves):

Week A: Jump Squats, Standing Rocking DB Calves, Abs: Sit-ups.

Week B: Speed Extra Low Squats, Standing BB Calves, Abs: Crunch-Side-Bend Combo.

Week C: Speed Squats, Standing Rocking BB Calves, Abs: Twisting Sit-ups or Decline Sit- ups.

Week D: Speed Extra Low Two Chain Squats, Standing DB Calves, Abs: Crunches or Bicycle Abs (2 x amrap).


Day 3 (on Benches day):

Week A: Speed Dead Stop Benches, CG SCB Reverse Curls, RC: Shoulder Horn (arms together).

Week B: Speed One Chain Benches, MG CB Reverse Curls, RC: Lying, in and out.

Week C: Speed Benches, BB Reverse Curls, RC: Sitting, front.

Week D: Speed Dead Stop Cambered Bar Benches, MG SCB Reverse Curls, RC: Lying, up and down.


Day 4 (on Deadlifts day):

Week A: Speed Sumo 2” Deficit Deadlifts, Lying Leg Curls (one leg at a time), Twisting Dip Bar Leg Raises (legs together) or Leg Raises (2 x amrap).

Week B: Speed Sumo 3” Deficit One Chain Deadlifts, Hyperextensions (2 x amrap), Adductors/ Abductors (alternate legs).

Week C: Speed Sumo Deadlifts, Lying Leg Curls (alternate legs), Twisting Dip Bar Leg Raises (alternate legs) or Twisting Leg Raises (2 x amrap).

Week D: Jump Sumo Deadlifts, Hyperextensions (3 sets), Adductors/ Abductors (one leg at a time).


Additional Possible Exercises:

Day 1: Speed Rows and Speed Cambered Bar Rows (all variations), MG Preacher CB Curls, MG Preacher SCB Curls, CG Preacher CB Curls, DB Curls (all variations), Plate Holds.

Day 2: Speed Two Chain Squats, Speed RB Squats, Step-ups, Standing Bodyweight Calves (one leg at a time or legs together; 2 x amrap), Standing Rocking Bodyweight Calves (one leg at a time or legs together; 2 x amrap), Sitting Barbell Calves, Abs: Decline Sit-ups, Crunch-Reverse Crunch Combo, Decline Crunch-Side-Bend Combo, Decline Crunches.

Day 3: Speed RB (#2 Monster-minis) Benches, Speed Cambered Bar Benches, Speed Pushups, Laterals (all variations), MG Preacher SCB Reverse Curls, MG Preacher CB Reverse Curls, RC: Lying on Side. RC: Shoulder Horn (alternate arms).

Day 4: Speed Sumo 3” Deficit RB (#4, average bands) Deadlifts, Speed Conv Deadlifts (all variations), Jump Rope, Standing Leg Curls (alternate legs), Standing Leg Curls (one leg at a time), Lying Leg Curls (legs together), Lying Adductor.


For my workouts using this plan, see 2018 Tetra Powerlifting Training Plan; Rotations I-III of III and CSIE Workouts for 2018 Tetra Powerlifting Training Plan; Rotations I-III of III.

2018 Tetra Training Plan Workouts Summary. Copyright 2018 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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The above chart was posted on this site June 12, 2018.

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