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PNC Park – 6/16/18


By Gary F. Zeolla

I went to my first Pirate’s game at PNC Park last year and to my second game on Saturday (6/16/18), both with my dad. It was a good game, with the Pirates beating the bottom-dwelling Reds 6-2 by hitting three home runs (Diaz, Moran, and Harrison), while Nova pitched a good game. 

The win brought the Bucs back to .500 (35-35), gave them their first series win in a month, and was their first game with three home runs in over a month. But I almost missed one of the homers due to a foul ball in the section in front of us. 

A man holding a baby in his left arm, tried to catch the ball with his right hand but missed. It bounced down his row, and another guy caught it. But all the fans in that section started chanting, “Baby guy, Baby guy!” and booing the guy who caught the ball, until he ran down the row and gave the ball to Baby guy. It was then that I heard the rest of the crowd cheering, and I looked up just in time to see Colin Moran’s ball just make it over the left field fence. 

We sat in the same section as last year, just a few seats down. I chose those seats as I knew they’d be in the shade. And I am glad I did, as it was hot, in the mid-80s. It was so hot I did something I hadn’t done in years, I ate ice cream! Two “souvenir helmets” worth, as that was the only thing that sounded good. 

My dad and I also each bought a new Pirates cap on the way in, and I bought a new T-shirt. And it was Hawaiian shirt day, so we both got those as well. Quite a haul. 

I snuck in a 1-liter (33.8 ounce) bottle of water (you’re only allowed 24 ounces). But I am glad I did, as I drank it all and was still dehydrated. In fact, I felt terrible afterwards. After getting home, I took a shower and went straight to bed. But I woke up a couple of hours later with a blazing headache, sick in the stomach, and aching all over. It was the worst headache I have had since I cannot remember when.

I think I had heat exhaustion. That makes sense, as I am never outside, spending 24/7 in A/C, so I am not acclimated to the heat, so it really got to me. Add in my normal problem of being around people due to my multiple chemical sensitivity (attendance, 27,479) and the ice cream (which I am sure contained some artificial ingredients I am sensitive to, which is why I usually don’t eat it), and that all made for a difficult day.

I knew it would be. That is why I purchased the tickets weeks ago, right after I sent in my entry form for the powerlifting contest I was planning on entering last weekend. My thought was, I would not have started back to training yet, so it wouldn’t matter if I felt terrible afterwards. But I had to delay those plans until August due to health setbacks, so I am in the middle of heavy training. But I planned on taking Sunday off, with hopes I’d feel better for my Squat workout today (Monday).

However, I had more problems yesterday and another sleepless last night, so I am still not feeling good at all, so I am not sure if I will be able to work out today or not. But I do know, I will not be able to do anything like go to a baseball game again. Going somewhere where there are thousands of people is just something I cannot do anymore. But at least I picked the right game to go to, as the Bucs lost to the Reds yesterday, dropping back below .500.

Below are some pics from the game. Click on any picture for a larger image.


For a video of the Pirates taking the field at the start of the game, click here.

PNC Park – 6/16/18. Copyright 2018 By Gary F. Zeolla.

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The above article was posted on this site June 18, 2018.

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