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Rotator Cuff Exercises Videos

By Gary F. Zeolla

This page links to all videos for rotator cuff exercises available on Fitness for One and All. These videos show the proper form and set-up for these exercises. The videos were taken during various workouts by this writer.

Rotator cuff work is done using light DBs or weight plates. The weights can be rotated at different angles. These are the type of exercises that are done as rehab when someone injuries their rotator cuff or shoulder area in general. But doing them before an injury is called "prehab" and can help prevent such injuries. I did such exercises for my shoulder after my bicycle accident. See the following site for pics and discussions of the types of exercises I am referring to: Body Results.

Below are videos of different rotator cuff exercises. Of course, the exercises are repeated with the other arm. Note that on the DBs I am using “fractional plates.” These consist of two each of 1.0s, 3/4s, 1/2s, and 1/4s. For exercise like this, these are ideal for gradual increases. They are available at Amazon.

It is best to do these exercises when your shoulders are already warmed up. Initially I was doing them after my Bench or Bench Assistance workouts. But starting at the end of May 2015 I started doing them after hitting a heavy bag for my morning cardio.

The shorthand is date (month/day/year), followed by pounds/ reps.

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