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Contest Possibilities

By Gary F. Zeolla

The following message was posted in the Weight Trainer's United forum and on my MySpace page.

With my plans for a contest in November gone (see “Change of Plans” update at Contest Plans), I was looking ahead to what I might do next year and in the future in general. Even before my recent health setbacks, I was leery about the November contest due to the four hour drive, as I posted before, with my fibro-fatigue, that might have been too much for me.

But checking out the Web sites for different feds, it looks like both ADAU Raw Power and 100% Raw regularly hold contests about 1-1/2 to 2 hours drive from my home near Pittsburgh, PA. The ADAU holds contests in Johnstown and Clearfield, PA (1-1/2 hours east) and in Eire, PA (2 hours north), while 100% Raw holds contests in Martin’s Ferry, OH (1-1/2 hours west).

As a plus, it looks like both feds have early weigh-ins the evening before, usually starting between 4:30-6:00 pm. To take advantage of early weigh-ins, I’ll have to stay at a hotel as driving back and forth would be too much for me. But with doing so, those are distances I should be able to handle.

But the problem is, when I have tried to lift completely raw before I’ve gotten injured. But I’ve been lifting mostly raw all year, only using knee sleeves and wrist wraps for my heaviest sets. With the new routine I’ve laid out, I was planning on lifting raw for the next 15 weeks, then only using knee sleeves and wrist wraps the last five weeks. But maybe by then I’ll be able to manage without the support.

If I can, that will open up the possible of entering either of these feds, along with the IPA’s raw division (which holds contests in eastern PA and OH regularly). But I won’t know until I get near the end of this routine. I'll see how that goes and what my health situation is by then and then decide if or when I will compete again. If nothing else, I could still compete in NASA’s unequipped division if they hold another contest in the Pittsburgh area.


Contest Possibilities. Copyright 2008 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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