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Books and eBooks by the Director

    The following books are by Gary F. Zeolla, the director of Fitness for One and All. These books are available in various hardcopy and eBook formats. Click on the title link for further details, available formats, and purchasing information. Click any picture for a larger image.

Nutrition and the Bible

    These three books look in-depth at what God give to human beings for food and what the Bible teaches about diet and nutrition. They also compare these Biblical teachings to scientific research on nutrition and degenerative disease like heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

God-given Foods Eating Plan: For Lifelong Health, Optimization of Hormones, Improved Athletic Performance

Creationist Diet: Second Edition; A Comprehensive Guide to Bible and Science Based Nutrition

Creationist Diet: Nutrition and God-given Foods According to the Bible

Powerlifting and Back Pain

    The first book is geared towards the beginner to intermediate powerlifter. It presents sound training, competition, dietary, and supplement advice to aid the reader in starting and progressing in the sport of powerlifting. The second book details how I overcame years of crippling low back and was able to return to the sport of powerlifting.

Starting and Progressing in Powerlifting: A Comprehensive Guide to the World's Strongest Sport

Overcoming Back Pain: A Mind-body Solution (Second Edition)

Christian and Politics Books

    I have numerous additional books available, but they are either specifically Christian-oriented and are listed on the books section of my Darkness to Light website or are politics-related and are listed on the books section of my Biblical and Constitutional Politics website.


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