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God-given Foods Eating Plan:

For Life-long Health,
Optimization of Hormones,
Improved Athletic Performance

Book and eBook by Gary F. Zeolla,
the Director of Fitness for One and All

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Book Description

There are many books and websites about nutrition and the Bible. Some are very good, but many suffer from a common problem. They put an inordinate emphasis on the first three chapters of Genesis while virtually ignoring the rest of the Bible. As a result, such books and Web sites inevitably end up declaring that “God’s ideal diet” is a vegetarian diet.

However, this book studies all 1189 chapters of the Bible. By doing so, a much different picture emerges. God gave us meat for food, and meat-eating is assumed throughout Scripture, with no negative connotations. Moreover, red meat, poultry, and fish can and should be included in a healthy eating plan. This is all documented in this book.

The approach of this book is to study different foods and food groups, with a chapter devoted to each major classification of foods. First the Biblical evidence is considered, then the results of this research is compared to what modern day scientific research is saying a healthy eating plan entails. Foods are then classified as “God-given foods” and “non-God-given foods.” The main point will be that a healthy diet is composed of a variety of God-given foods and avoids non-God-given foods. This will simplify the designing of a healthy eating plan.

Another unique feature of this book is the eating plan proposed is designed to optimize hormones, such as testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin. This can produce dramatic differences in a person’s health and ability to live a robust life. It can also lead to a gain in muscle mass and a loss of body fat. The optimization of hormones can also lead to improved athletic performance. In addition, this book looks at other aspects of athletic nutrition, especially pre- and post-workout eating. Such a focus on hormone optimization and athletic performance is not found in any of the books currently on the market about nutrition and the Bible. In fact, the type of diet often promoted in those books and in many popular diet books can be detrimental to the functioning of hormones and athletic performance. This focus sets this book apart from the rest.  Much other dietary information is also presented.


Table of Contents

[Page numbers are for the paperback. Pages are 8-1/2" x 11" in double-columns.]

Preface/ About the Author/ Disclaimers/ Sources -  5
Introduction – The Author’s Experience - 7

Section One – Plant Foods … 9

Chapter One – Fruits - 11
Chapter Two – Vegetables - 23
Chapter Three – Nuts, Seeds, and Peanuts - 35
Chapter Four – Whole Grains - 45
Chapter Five – Legumes -  55
Chapter Six – Vegetable Oils and Related Foods -  61

Section Two – Animal Foods … 75

Chapter Seven – Vegetarianism and the Bible - 77
Chapter Eight – God-given Meats and Problems with Vegetarianism - 95
Chapter Nine – Red Meats and Fowl - 109
Chapter Ten – Fish - 119
Chapter Eleven – Milk - 131
Chapter Twelve – Other Dairy Foods and Eggs - 139

Section Three – Various Food Items … 147

Chapter Thirteen – Beverages - 149
Chapter Fourteen – Sweeteners - 161
Chapter Fifteen – Condiments - 171
Chapter Sixteen – Desert and Snack Foods - 177

Section Four – Various Topics … 187

Chapter Seventeen – The Glycemic Index - 189
Chapter Eighteen – Organic Foods: Are They Worth the Cost? - 195
Chapter Nineteen – Hormones and Diet - 199
Chapter Twenty – Starting and Progressing in an Exercise Program - 211

Section Five – Putting It All Together … 219

Chapter Twenty-one – Summary of God-given Foods and non-God-given Foods - 221
Chapter Twenty-two – Fine-tuning a God-given Foods Eating Plan - 227
Chapter Twenty-three – Starting and Following a GGFEP - 235
Chapter Twenty-four – The Author’s Eating Plan/ Sample Menus - 245
Conclusion to Book - 253

Appendixes … 255

Appendix One – Additional Books by the Author - 257
Appendix Two – Web Sites and Newsletters by the Author/ Contacting the Author - 259

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Additional Books and eBooks by the Director

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