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Quality and Absorption of Supplements

by Gary F. Zeolla

1. Quality:  Since there is no regulation of the supplement industry, you can never be sure that a supplement actually contains what the label says it does. Independent studies have shown that some supplements actually contain little of the substance it is supposed to. So it is important only purchase supplements from well-known companies, and/ or to look for supplements that third party testing has shown to be of high quality and/ or which are labeled as being "pharmaceutical grade."

2. Dissolvability:  Before nutrients from a supplement can be absorbed, the supplement itself must be dissolved in the gut. That is true, but many make more a deal out of this than it is. They claim tablets are not digested in the gut. But supplements from quality companies are usually well-digested, even in tablet form. That is why most medications are produced in tablets, and no one claims they are not digestible, as their effects are generally very noticeable, whether good or bad. Those who say otherwise are usually just trying to get you to purchase their more expensive capsules, powders or liquids. Capsules and powders are okay, although often more expensive. However, it is difficult to dissolve a significant amount of nutrients in a small amount of liquid, so usually the amount of the nutrients are rather insignificant.

3. Absorbability:  This again is an area where their is much scamming. The body can absorb nutrients just as well whether they are "natural" or synthetic. Claims otherwise are made to get you to purchase their much more expensive "natural" products, without any actual evidence of additional benefit.

4. Artificial ingredients:  Some products contain artificial ingredients, like colorings and flavorings. These are best avoided in both foods and supplements as I discuss in my book God-given Foods Eating Plan. So as much as possible, look for supplements without such ingredients.

Quality and Absorption of Supplements. Copyright 2004, 2008, 2014 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above article was posted on this site May 7, 2004 and last updated June 21, 2014.


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