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April to June 2024

By Gary F. Zeolla

    At the end of each calendar week, I’m going to post my work sets for my main exercise of each training day, with videos thereof. In most cases, I’m indicating all four of my work sets, but I only recorded the top two sets. Age: 63. Height: 5’0”. Weight: ~122 pounds. Format: pounds/ reps. For background to this page, see Workout Post and Videos and My New Powerlifting/ Strength Training Workout Plan. This page is continued from Powerlifting Workout Post and Videos: January to March 2024.

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2024 Week 14 Workouts

3-31, Su: Off to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

4-1, M: 3-Count Pause Benches: 125/6, 130/3, 137.5/1, Raw: 105/8. Video.

DB Rows, Overhand: 67.5/7, 70/5, 72.5/3, Raw: 55/12. Video (top set only).

4-2, Tu: 3/4" Extra Low Chain Squats: 257.5/6, 270/4, 285/2, Raw: 200/10. Video.

Twisting Sit-ups: 0/11, 0/8, 0/6. Video (final set only).

4-3, W: Incline Benches: 95/6, 100/4, 105/2, Raw: 76/10. Video.

I made a change in my routine. I have it designed now so that I can work out anywhere from 4-6 days a week. 

4-4, Th: Conv 2 Boards (1-1/2”) Deficit Chain Deadlifts: 355/6, 372.5/4, 390/2, Raw: 275/10. Video.

4-5, F: 3-Count Decline Benches: 130/6, 135/4, 142.5/2, Raw: 105/10. Video.

I did my Bench Assistance workout two times in a row (W, F) to get back into my usual workout rotation of Squats/ Benches/ Deadlifts/ Bench Assistance.

    I’ve been having a problem with the left side of my workout videos being washed out by sunlight coming through the cellar windows where my home gym is located. But I just got new and darker curtains for the back cellar door window. I then put the old curtains on a smaller window farther away from my workout platform. As long as I remember to close them before I start recording, hopefully, that will improve the quality of my workout videos.

2024 Week 15 Workouts

4-7, Su: Regular Squats with Sleeves: 255/6, 267.5/4, 280/2, Raw: 195/10. Video.

It was after this workout that I got the new curtains mentioned above. They help some in cutting down the sunlight glare in the following videos, but not as much as I had hoped.

4-8, M: Dead Stop Chain Benches: 127.5/6, 132.5/4, 140/2, Raw: 102/10. Video.

4-9, Tu: Conv 1 Board (3/4”) Deficit Deadlifts: 325/6, 342.5/4, 360/2, Raw: 255/10. Video.

4-10, W: Close Grip Incline Benches: 95/6, 100/4, 105/2, Raw: 76/12. Video.

Curl Bar Upright Rows: 45/11, 47.5/9, 50/7. Video (top set only).

4-11, Th: 1-1/2” Extra Low Chain Squats: 257.5/6, 270/4, 285/2, Raw: 200/10. Video.

4-12, F: Regular Benches: 127.5/6, 135/4, 142.5/2, Raw: 105/9. Video.

After two shoulder surgeries and despite left elbow pain, I’m finally back to using the big plates for both of my recorded sets.

2024 Week 16 Workouts





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