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RAWU NE and PA Powerlifting Championships - 2009 - Pictures

For the contest report for this contest, see RAWU NE and PA Powerlifting Championships - 2009.
Click any picture for a larger image.
The pictures with me in them were taken by the contest photographer, the rest were taken by me.

The Hotel

Different views of the hotel I stayed at. The hotel, a pizza shop, and the gym where the contest was held were all in the same building.
The gym entrance is around the corner to the right.

The signs in the front showing how the hotel, pizza shop, and gym are all together.
This was the most convenient setup I've ever seen for a contest. I mean, what more could you want?
Especially since Brother's Pizza is the best tasting pizza I've ever had, having eaten it at Penn State,
and this was the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at.

The inside of my already messy hotel room. On the stand in the far left is a fridge and a microwave.
This was the first time I had these in a hotel. Again, very convenient.


The view outside of the window of my hotel room--a cornfield!
No wonder this was the quietest hotel I ever stayed in.

The Gym/ Contest Site

The outside of the sports Inn.


The inside of the Sports Inn. It is in a "L" shape.
The picture to the left is from the entrance to the "bend." All of the equipment was pushed to this area for the contest.
The picture to the right is the bottom of the "L" and was used for the warm-up area.

The contest area at the end of the gym. The hydraulic racks were not yet setup when I took this pic.

My Final Attempts for Each Lift

This picture was probably taken at the start of my final squat attempt, with 315.
If it was, my foot spacing is a little too close.
I came up with the weight but it was turned down for depth.
Too bad this pic wasn't taken when I was in the hole so I could see how far off I was.

My final bench attempt, with 190, which I missed.
This picture actually surprised me as I didn't think I got the bar up even this far.

This was the best lift of the day, my fourth deadlift attempt, with 400.
It was a very hard fought lift as can be seen from the grimace in my face, but I got it!


The awards table. The big award in the center I believe is the team award.

Receiving one of my awards from Chaplain Paul, who said a prayer before the contest.
Sitting to the right is the meet director, Spero Tshontikidis.
Standing to his right is Doc Junkins, who weighed me in.

Close up of both of my trophies, one for winning my weight class and one for Best Lifter.
Nice looking awards, but I think the Best Lifter award should be different from the regular awards.

The above pictures were posted on this site June 19, 2009.

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