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NASA NE States Powerlifting Championships - 2008


Below are pictures from NASA NE States Powerlifting Championships - 2008, held June 7, in Washington, PA. I was competing in the 114 pound weight class, in the Pure (Lifetime Anabolic Drug Free) and Masters (over 40 years old) Pure divisions.

These pics were all taken by Eric Magnone, an assistance football coach at the high school. Many thanks to him for sending me a CD with the pics. Click on any picture for a larger image.

The Venue

The contest was held at Washington High School, in the school's gym.
Half of the gym was used for the warm-up area and the other half for the contest itself.

The meet director, Greg Van Hoose, and his wife Susan, at the scorer's table.

Another pic of the scorer's table.

The rules meeting, held in the warm-up area.

One of the judges demonstrating curls for "Power Sports" (curls + bench + deadlift  = total).

Demonstrating squats for the full powerlifting (squat + bench + deadlift = total), which is what I entered.

The warm-up area set up for squats.
There were actually two rack available; the other is to the left, but this is the one I used.

The contest platform.
No monolift this time, so for the first time I had to walk out the weight.
But no problem as I walk out the weight in training all the time.


Note: All nine of my attempts were successful, with all three judges passing all nine attempts.

My first attempt, with 281 pounds.

My second attempt, with 309.

My third attempt, with 331.


Preparing for my first attempt, with 160.

My second attempt, with 176.
Note on my left hand how I am holding my index finger out.
This was due to it still being swollen from having been infected.

Another pic of my second attempt.

Getting ready for my final attempt, with 187. The next three pics are of this attempt.


Getting set for my first attempt, with 342.

Completed lift.
You cannot see it, but again, I was only able to use three fingers to hold the bar.
But I had no problems holding onto any of my attempts.

Same pic as above, but cropped.
Notice how I have my left thumb wrapped around my middle finger rather than my index finger.

Getting set for my second attempt, with 375.

Completed lift.

Same pic as above, but cropped.

Unfortunately, Eric did not get a pic of my final attempt, with 402.


The trophies table.

My trophies. This picture I took.

For my first workouts after this contest, see Full Workout Logs: Starting 6/13/08: Off-Season; Weeks 1 - 4.

The above pictures was posted on this site June 19, 2008.

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