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Setting Up a Home Gym
Pictures - Part Three

By Gary Zeolla

These pictures are continued from Setting Up a Home Gym: Pictures - Part Two.

My home gym setup for the three powerlifts:

The picture above shows my home gym set up for squats. The side weights are removed so I don't hit them in the down position. My foam squat box I use for depth checking is in the middle of the rack.

The picture above shows my setup for benches. You can see the 45s on the sides that I mentioned about taking off for squats.

The above picture is my setup for deadlifts.


Above are three pics of my hyperextension that I got last year (2008) after I re-injured my hamstring. It has worked great for rehab. The first pic shows why I got this particular hyperextension; it can be folded up and leaned out of the way when not in use. The second pic shows it while setup.

The third pic shows how I’ve been putting the weights on one of the side handles before moving them into place. I’m using a 25 here, which is the heaviest I’ve used so far and getting to be about the heaviest weight I can use with this pattern. I’ll probably have to start placing the plates at the base of the hyper and lifting them up to my chest from there. But I know from when I did hypers at a gym that the most I could hold in that fashion is one 45. So, as I mention in my powerlifitng book, I’ll probably have to start just adding reps rather than weight when I get to that point. In any case, here is a video of it in use.

If anyone is interested in this hyper, it is available from New York Barbell. It is working well for me. However, I doubt it would be sturdy enough for heavyweights. And the padding for the legs is rather limited, so some might find it too uncomfortable.

The above powerlift pictures were posted on this site June 5, 2009.
The hyperextension pics were posted February 27, 2010.
The captions were updated September 8, 2014.

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