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New Home Gym Equipment
Pictures and Videos

By Gary Zeolla

Below are pictures and videos for all of the items mentioned in the two-part article New Home Gym Equipment. Click on any picture for a larger image.

Texas Power Bar

Pics of my Texas Power Bar (TPB), sitting in my power rack.

Below are videos of me using this Texas Power Bar:




Heavy Duty Power Bar

My new Heavy Duty Power Bar (HDPB), lying above my old Texas Power Bar (TPB).

My HDPB after chalking the markings to make them more noticeable, beside my TPB.

Here is video of me squatting with this Heavy Duty Power Bar.

Ohio Deadlift Bar

My new Ohio Deadlift Bar (ODB) lying above my TPB.

Ditto, but the ends, showing how much lobber the ODB is.


On the left, the first corner I tried putting the ODB in. On the right, the second corner, where is now is.
Notice how it reaches above the rafters.

The center of the ODB after I put duct tape on the exact middle.

Here is *video of me deadlifting with this bar.
Here is *video from a lower angle, showing the bar bending as it comes off of the floor.

CAP Cambered Bar

My new cambered bar.

My new cambered bar lying above my TPB, showing hoe the markings of the TPB line up with the bend of the cambered bar.

Here is video of me doing cambered bar benches.

Bar Holder


A couple of pics of my new Titan Fitness Olympic Barbell 5 Bar Holder, with the above mentioned bars, plus a curl bar.

Chains for Benches

My new chains to be used for benches, plus a new bucket to put them in.

The chains hanging from the bar, set up for bemches.

The chains in the bucket for storage.

Here is video of me doing chain benches.

Powerlifting Bands


My new powerlifting bands, #2 (monster-minis) for benches and #4 (average) for squats, respectively.

Here is video of me doing reverse band squats. 

Here is video of me doing reverse band benches.

Gymnastic Rings

My new gymnastic rings for doing dips.

The rings hanging from my power rack.

The rings stored away by hanging them over the corners of the rack.

Here is video of me doing dips with rings.

Adjustable Ankle Weights

My new Yes4All Olympic Exercise Fitness Crossfit Gymnastic Rings, showing the 2 pound sand bags that can be inserted.

A closer view of one of the wraps.

Here is video of me doing the an adductors/ abductors exercise with these ankle weights.

 Here is video of me doing an abs exercise with the new ankle weights.

Dead Wedge

A couple of pics of the exorbitantly priced Dead Wedge.

Generic Boots





The new Pillars beside my old Crains.

The above pictures and videos were posted on this site August 1.

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