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Health and Fitness Emails (NAET/ MCS / SPS, Glycogen Replenishment and the Glycemic Index, and Powerlifting) is a new page.

Vol. XVII, No. 4 is the latest issue of the free FitTips for One and All newsletter.

Back Issues of FitTips for One and All Newsletter is a new page. It links to every back issue of the free FitTips for One and All email newsletter. That’s 17 years’ worth of newsletters, a total of 125 issues, all free for the reading.

2in2x2 Trinity Powerlifting Training Strategy: 2019 Trinity #1, Stage One has been completed with all of my workouts for the first half of my current Training Plan.

2x2 Trinity Powerlifting Training Strategy: 2019 Trinity #1, Stage Two will record the second half of my Training Plan, leading up to, God-willing, my next contest.

Genetic Diets and Fitness Plans: Are They Ready for Prime Time? is a new article.

Due to adding SSL security to my websites, the videos I’ve been posting no longer work. Consequently, I will no longer be posting my workout videos. But I will continue to post my workout logs, sans the videos.

New URLs 

Two of my four websites have new URLs. I made this change so as to consolidate all of my websites under my Zeolla.org domain and to make it easier (and cheaper) to add SSL security to my sites.  Below are all four of my websites, with their URLs, and a short description of each. 


Personal Website of Gary F. Zeolla  


Author of Christian, fitness, and politics books, websites, and newsletters

B.S. in Nutrition Science; Denver Seminary Attendee

All-time open (all ages) Top 20 ranked and masters (50-59 age) record breaking powerlifter

“the Lord stood by me and gave me strength” (2Tim 4:17).


My Christian Website

Darkness to Light Christian Ministry


“Explaining and Defending the Christian Faith”

Christian Theology, Apologetics, Cults, Ethics, Bible Versions, and much more


My Fitness Website

Fitness for One and All


“Helping people to attain their health, fitness, and performance goals”


My Politics Website

Biblical and Constitutional Politics


“Political news and commentary from a conservative Christian and politically conservative perspective”



The following pages on my fitness and personal websites have been updated with details from my most recent #powerlifting contest:

Summary of Powerlifting Contests, USA Rankings, and Records

My Powerlifting Accomplishments

IPA Pennsylvania State Powerlifting Championships - 2019 - Pictures and Videos  is a new page.

Me and My Birthday Gifts - 2019 is a new page.

What is a Processed Food? is a new article.

Newly posted items are listed on this page for three to four months.

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