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By Gary F. Zeolla


I have four Social Media pages. They are:





Truth Social


X (formerly Twitter)


      I am sure the reader has heard of the first and last of these sites, but you might not have heard of the other two. That is because they are newer sites that were developed by conservatives in reaction to the other two “shadow banning” conservatives.

      I might have been so shadow banned of late, though I am not sure. I just know there have been many times I have posted comments on Facebook or Twitter that I thought would bring a significant reaction, but nothing, no response whatsoever. But even if I haven’t already, I am sure to be so in the future, as those sites crack down on conservative speech.

      That is why I set up accounts on Gab and Truth Social, to be sure I have a place to voice my opinions. These sites promise not to censor people’s comments, beyond what is required by law.

      Note also, if the reader hasn’t figured it out by now, I’m not good at being concise in my writings. But by being so exhaustive, I thoroughly cover every topic I address. And if the reader peruses all of my writings on a given subject, you will be well-versed on the topic at hand.

       But that is why I found the 280-character limit on Twitter to be quite restrictive, so I rarely posted to it. But after Elon Musk took it over, renamed it X, and opened it so that “blue check” users could post messages of up to 2,500 characters, I went through the identity confirmation and paid the fee to get a blue check mark. Thus, I now post to X more often. Also, by getting the blue checkmark, I can edit posts and run advertisements on X.

       Otherwise, Truth Social has a 1,000-character limit, Gab a 2,000-character limit, and Facebook has no such limits. I try to keep my posts below 1,000 characters, so my messages are still not too wordy, and I can post the same message on all four of these sites.

      On these social pages, I post about new items being posted on any of my four websites: my personal website, my Christian website, my fitness website, and my politics website. I also post personal updates, such as about my powerlifting.

      On my social pages, I ignore all comments and replies that utilize “foul” or indecent language. That means, if you reply to one of my posts using such language, I will not even read your comments, let alone respond to them. I also will not respond to ad hominem attacks.

      Simply put, if you cannot respond to the substance of my post in a civil manner, without resorting to name-calling, personal attacks, or foul language, you will not get a response. And if my post is a link to one of my articles or books, then please read that item before responding. If you do not, I will just refer you back to it, and that will be that.

       In addition, I do not approve friend requests from Cleavage Queens, bikini wearers, or from pages with bouncing breasts videos or any other kind of sexual or immoral content. I do not approve friend requests from pages filled with foul language. I do not approve friend requests from pages that are nothing but advertisements. I most definitely do not approve friend requests from those hawking steroids. If I friend you and offensive stuff like the preceding begin to appear from you on my timeline, I will unfriend you. I will also unfriend you if you “tag” me in a post that has nothing to do with me.

      I also do not respond to people messaging me and just saying “Hi” or the like. I know there is a scam in there somewhere. That is especially the case if the profile picture is of a super-attractive 30-something female. I know such would not be trying to contact me. You are probably a scammer. You need to repent of trying to deceive people and find forgiveness in Christ.


The above information was posted on September 7, 2020.
It was last updated May 15, 2024.

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