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Pro M3

Protein Powders

By Gary F. Zeolla

This product is a blended protein, using three different proteins: whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumin (egg white). The idea of using a blended protein is that each protein is digested at a different rate. In this way, the body will receive a continual supply of amino acids over a period of time. Specifically, whey is digested rather quickly, egg is digested at a moderate pace, and casein is digested very slowly. As such, the blend of proteins in Pro M3 will give the user a fast, moderate, and slow protein in one.

Pro M3 also contains a digestive enzyme blend called ISSOE3, consisting of three different digestive enzymes: protease, lactase, and amylase. These help to break down the protein and lactose in the protein powder. A blend of three different proteins and three different amino acids makes this a good product. [Update: It is highly unlikely digestive enzymes taken by mouth do any good, as they are destroyed by the stomach acid, while digestive enzymes are needed in the small intestines.]

The sweetener used is sucrolose. This is an artificial sweetener, but it is probably the safest artificial sweetener there is. However, Pro M3 also uses natural and artificial sweeteners. Personally, I try to avoid the latter as much as possible. But most blended proteins contain artificial ingredients, so they are hard to avoid in this type of product. And finally, Pro M3 is less expensive than most other blended proteins.

Thus overall this is a good product. However, the taste is not as good as other protein powders I have used. Most especially, HDT's Pro Blend is a much better tasting product. Also, Pro Blend has a greater diversity of proteins in its blend.

Along with whey concentrate, egg white, and casein, Pro Blend also has two different kinds of whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey in it. These forms of whey are absorbed quicker whey concentrate is. that means, Pro Blend begins to provide amino acids much faster than Pro M3 does. Pro Blend also uses micellar casein rather than calcium caseinate. The micellar form of casein is more readily digested than calcium caseinate is. 

Having used both products, I believe Pro Blend is the higher quality product. But it is more expensive, so if your budget is tight, Pro M3 would be an alternative. But given the presence of artificial ingredients and that despite these, this product still does not taste that great, I am only giving it three stars.

However, as with the Pro Blend, this product is no longer available. There seems to be a lot of coming and going in the protein powder market. But see Natural Whey and Natural Casein for products that are available and have been for a long time.

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The above article was posted on this site May 9, 2004.
It was last update June 21, 2017.

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