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Brewer's Yeast


Brewers yeast would best be described as a "supplemental food." By this term is meant supplements that are real natural foods not synthetic products like most supplements, but they are processed in some way to make them easier to take on a regular basis. In this case, brewer's yeast is a naturally rich source of many vitamins and minerals, especially the B vitamins. It is also a goods source of high quality protein. But the taste leaves something to be desired.

The brand with the least offensive taste I found was Twinlab's Genuine Brewers Yeast. But even then, the only way I could handle it was mixed in with the other ingredients in my pre-workout drink. I did that for a while, but eventually simply could not handle the taste anymore, so I stopped. But no great loss, as I am getting more than enough nutrients from my diet. Therefore,  trying to ingest this poor-tasting product really is not worth it.

But if you can handle it, Twinlab's Genuine Brewer's Yeast is an inexpensive way to extra nutrients if you feel you need them. The following is the nutrient content of just one heaping tablespoon.

Nutrient – Amount Per Serving – % DV
Calories – 35
Protein – 8g – 16%
Thiamin – 1.4mg – 93%
Riboflavin – 0.7mg – 41%
Niacin – 5.3mg – 27%
Vitamin B6 – 0.6mg – 30%
Folic Acid – 240mcg – 60%
Vitamin B12 – 2mcg – 33%
Biotin – 16mcg – 5%
Pantothenic Acid – 0.4mg – 4%
Calcium – 59mg – 6%
Iron – 1.5mg – 8%
Phosphorus – 234mg – 23%
Magnesium – 33mg – 8%
Zinc – 1.2mg – 8%
Copper – 0.5mg – 25%
Manganese – 0.13mg – 5%
Chromium – 60mcg – 50%
Sodium – 60mg – 3%
Potassium – 222mg – 6%

It can be seen how nutrient-packed this product is. The eight grams of protein might not sound like a lot, but it is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. But it should be noted that it is best to not mix brewer's yeast in water ahead of time. That seems to worsen the taste. Mix it in when you are ready to drink it. It also does not mix well with a spoon. You need to use shaker cup. It should also be mentioned that some are sensitive to yeast, so they should not use this product.

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The above article was posted on this site April 1, 2009.
It was updated June 14, 2017.

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