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iHerb Natural Foods Reviews

By Gary F. Zeolla

These pages provide reviews of and direct links to products available from iHerb.
When checking out, use referral code HOP815 to receive up to $10.00 off your first order.

Many of these items can also be ordered from Vitacost.
Create an account at Vitacost and get $5.00 off of your first order of $30 or more.
Some items are cheaper at one store and some at the other.
It is recommended to compare prices before ordering.

One thing to know about me is I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities. The artificial ingredients and pesticides in commercial foods can cause me problems. As such, I have no choice but to consume all-natural and mostly organic foods. I have found iHerb and Vitacost to be the best places to order natural foods. Their variety of such products, prices, and service are excellent.

  Cold Cereals       Cookies and Crackers

  Nuts and Seeds       Seasonings

   Vegetable Oils       Whole Grain Products

   Miscellaneous Foods

  Supplements       Toiletries

Note: The asterisk after some products are products that I use but have not yet purchased from iHerb, but iHerb only lets me post reviews on their site of products I have purchased from them. So the asterisk is a note to myself to post the review if I purchase the product from iHerb sometime in the future, which I probably will do given their prices are so good.

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