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Basic Fitness Tips

By Fitness Pro Advantage

Food and Drink

Eat primarily organic food. The long-term health effects of most food additives have not been fully researched. Most processed food contains preservatives, which limit nutrient uptake. Organic food is free of man-made additives.

Drink sufficient water every day. Health experts recommend to 1 gallon. Water is used to help the body eliminate the metabolic wastes associated with training thereby facilitating faster, more efficient recuperation and growth. Also, lack of sufficient water consumption during training has been shown to negatively impact physical performance, which reduces the ability to produce muscular overload.

Eat 6 meals a day evenly spaced. The body is more efficient at processing a small amount of food at once compared to fewer, larger meals. Insulin is regulated more effectively, which controls other processes in the body to aid in eliminating body fat and gaining muscle.

Eat no sooner than 1 hour before training and 1 hour before sleep. In doing so, food is digested and utilized more effectively.

Each meal should consist of fiber, low glycemic index complex carbs, protein, essential fats, and vegetables. This is the optimal formula for regulating the hormonal processes in the body to achieve muscle growth and body fat reduction.

Eat fruit with post workout meal. Simple sugars such as those from fruit are utilized most effectively following a workout.

Vary sources of protein, carbs, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. This reduces the risk of micronutrient deficiencies. Increases the chance of supplying nutrients that have not yet been identified by science.

Consume essential fats daily. Essential fats are crucial for maintaining an anabolic state and reducing body fat.

Eat sufficient fiber every day. Fiber shuttles bad fats and cholesterol out of the body. It also enables better digestion and utilization of protein.

The Use of garlic in foods is recommended. The constituents of garlic promote the immune system and contain raw materials for anabolic hormones.

Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a calorie dense, nutrient sparse product and is easily stored as fat. The body has to expend extra energy processing alcohol that could be used by other processes to aid in bodybuilding. It is potentially damaging to the liver and the brain. Alcohol consumption depletes the body of B vitamins and produces free radicals.

Strength Training

Train slowly with excellent form and making certain to feel the target muscle work. It is very important to train slowly, making certain that the target muscle is doing the work. Avoid jerking or swinging the weight as this is very inefficient and could produce injury.

Warm up thoroughly before your workout. This gets the blood moving throughout the body so the body isn’t as "cold and stiff" which means you will be less prone to injury and lifting will be more efficient.

Warm up the target muscle group with some light sets before going heavy. This prepares the muscle for going heavy by filling the muscle with blood. Makes you less prone to injury.

Stretch lightly between every set. Stretching mobilizes the waste products of exercise and aids in recuperation.

Stretch after waking and before going to sleep. Being flexible reduces the risk of injury and makes you feel better. Stretching also activates the lymphatic system, which removes body toxins and aids in full recuperation.

Strengthen abs and lower back. Stretch pelvic and hamstring areas. Reduces possibility for injury. Results in a smaller, tighter waist.

Sleep and Stress

A nap a day. This is one of those extra things that can go a long way in helping you achieve your physique goals.

Have uninterrupted sleep. When sleep is continuous restfulness and recuperation are much better.

Have a consistent sleep schedule. Research has shown that when your sleep schedule is consistent you are much better rested; therefore your recuperation from training is maximized.

Eliminate stress and worry. Stress is highly catabolic.


Visualize body building goals in the morning, evening, and during your workout. This helps to stay focused and motivated.

Shower after workout. To remove toxins from skin produced during workout.

Do not breathe cigarette smoke. Massive free radical damage results.

Get some sun daily. 15 minutes of sun is all that is required for optimal Vitamin D production.

Basic Fitness Tips. Copyright 2003 by Fitness Pro Advantage. Used by permission.

The above article was posted on this Web site July 17, 2003.

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