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FitTips for One and All - Vol. XX, No. 5

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Update on Covid Deaths
(Refuting Covid Lies by the Right and Fearmongering by the Left)

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Newsletter News

       I am publishing this issue of FitTips for One and All a month late. That is because I published an extra issue of my Christian Darkness to Light newsletter the first week of October, and I was too busy to write an article for both newsletters at that time. Therefore, to get caught up, I am publishing this issue of FitTips now with Part One of my new article on Covid-19. Part Two will be appear in the next issue of FitTips, to be published at its normally scheduled time of the first week of December.

Update on Covid Deaths

(Refuting Covid Lies by the Right and Fearmongering by the Left)

Part One

By Gary F. Zeolla


      This two-part article is an update to the article One Million Covid Deaths in the USA (Well Almost, and It Could be Worse). In that article, I mention about a proposed book. I doubt I will write that book, but I still wanted to update some points in that and my previous Covid articles due to news articles and reports I have come across recently.

      I will once again attempt to refute the much misinformation being spread on the Internet and on right-wing media about Covid and the vaccines. I will also address the fearmongering about Covid that has come from the left since the start of the pandemic. Therefore, this will be a bipartisan attack, which means I will probably once again get attacked in return by both sides.

      Note that by the “right” I am referring to conservatives, who are generally Republicans. By the “left” I am referring to liberals and leftists, who are generally Democrats. Note also, I am using “Covid” as shorthand for COVID-19, aka, SARS-CoV-2 or simply the Coronavirus.


Testing Positive vs. Severe Illness


      As I began writing this article on October 28, 2022, according to the Covid tracker on the New York Times’ website, 358 Americans a day on average are still dying from Covid. That is down from over 400 when I checked it a few weeks ago, but it is still significant. Also important is currently 27,002 Americans are hospitalized from Covid. Both numbers will almost certainly rise come the holidays, though not near as much as the past two years.

      Though this two-part article will focus on deaths, even if someone does not die from Covid, having a severe illness, being sick for weeks or months, being hospitalized, and contracting long Covid are major sources of suffering that should not be ignored. I say that as conservatives tend to ignore these issues. But they should not be ignored, especially since that suffering could be avoided the same way deaths could be—by getting vaccinated and boosted as needed.

      Though vaccination might not prevent infection, it greatly decreases the risk of severe illness and death. That is the first point about conservatives that makes me crazy. They cannot seem to distinguish between someone testing positive for Covid but having no or just minor symptoms and someone getting infected, becoming severely ill, being hospitalized, and even dying. Yet, to the infected person, they are majorly different.

      You see that lack of perspective from the right every time a famous person who is vaccinated and boosted announces he or she has tested positive for Covid. The right will scream, “See! We told you the vaccines don’t work!” But every time, that person will report he or she is experiencing little or no symptoms. Often, the person only knows he or she has Covid due to routine testing.

      We saw this with President Joe Biden and his wife Jill this past summer. Both tested positive, but both had only mild symptoms. Both then experienced a rebound infection. But in both rebound cases, they then had no symptoms. They only knew they were again positive due to the routine testing the First Couple undergoes. An average couple who does not undergo routine testing would not have even known about their rebound cases due to the complete lack of symptoms.

      The following quotes are about the First Lady, but the same would be said about President Biden and many others, such as NIH Director Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, VP Kamala Harris, Second Husband Doug Emhoff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Attorney General Merrick Garland, former President Barack Obama, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, PA Senator Bob Casey, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D. Mo), DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Canada PM Justin Trudeau, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II before her passing from old age, then Prince now King Charles' wife Camilla, meteorologist Al Roker, even singer-musician Elton John. All tested positive but also had only mild or no symptoms.


      First lady Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 while on vacation with the president and their family, according to her office….

      Jill Biden tested negative on Monday [8/15/22] during her routine testing, and then developed “cold-like symptoms” Monday night, according to her communications director, Elizabeth Alexander….

      Jill Biden, who is double vaccinated and twice boosted, has “mild symptoms,” Alexander said (ABC News. First lady Jill Biden tests).


      First lady Jill Biden has recovered from a “rebound” case of COVID-19 and will return to Washington nearly a week after again testing positive for the virus, her office said.

      “The First Lady has experienced no reemergence of symptoms, and will remain in Delaware where she has reinitiated isolation procedures,” a spokeswoman said in a statement on Wednesday [8/24/22] (ABC News. First lady Jill Biden recovers).


      The point is, Jill is 71 years old, while Joe is 79. Many of the other above named personalities are also in their 70s, some are in their 80s, QE II was 95, while the rest are in their 50s-60s. That elevated age puts them all at high risk of serious consequences from a Covid infection, yet they all still had only mild or no symptoms. And most of all, they are all still with us, except QE II, who later died of old age. If they had not been vaccinated and boosted, most likely, they would have experienced much more serious symptoms, and one or more would have probably died from Covid.

      As for the rebound cases of the First Couple, that was most likely due to them having been prescribed Paxlovid, though rebound cases can happen even without taking that antiviral.


      Although experts say preliminary estimates of Paxlovid rebounds are likely undercounted, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha had suggested after President Biden’s Paxlovid rebound that the phenomenon may happen in 5% to 8% of patients.

      Federal officials report that a rebound infection can also occur in patients receiving no treatment or in patients receiving other COVID-19 therapeutics  (ABC News. First lady Jill Biden recovers).


Biden and Fauci Lies, and More Conservative Lies


      At this point, I can just hear conservatives screaming, “But all of those people who were vaccinated and boosted still got infected! That proves the vaccines do not work!” I just cannot fathom why the right cannot understand the difference between a mild illness and a serve illness. They make it sound like testing positive with little or no symptoms is the same as being hospitalized or dying from Covid. But it is not.

      Part of the problem might be Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci lied back in the summer of 2021 and promised the American people that if we got vaccinated, we would not get infected. Yes, that was a lie, and they knew it when they said it. They also did not indicate that booster shots would be needed, even though that was known even back then. I can only guess Biden and Fauci told those lies, as they thought to explain the reality of the situation would have discouraged vaccination. But it has had the opposite effect. Those lies opened the door to conservatives complaining about the lack effectiveness of the vaccines at preventing infection and about the need for boosters.

      The truth is, Paul Mango, a leader of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, has made it clear in appearances on Fox News Channel that the vaccines were never intended to prevent infection. That is because, from start, the members of Operation Warp Speed knew that given the propensity for coronaviruses to mutate, it would not be possible to develop a vaccine that would continue to prevent infection as the virus mutated. Their goal was to develop a vaccine that would prevent severe illness and death through the various mutations. And that they did, as I will chronicle as we go on.

    But here, they also knew from the start that two doses would be needed for the mRNA vaccines and that booster shots would be needed. And in fact, the vaccines worked and continue to work just as planned. They prevent serious illness and death at a high degree of effectiveness, especially when recipients stay up to date on their booster shots.

    On that latter point, I have heard conservatives lie and claim that no other vaccines need two initial shots and that no other vaccines needs booster shots. Both points are quite absurd. I recently got vaccinated for shingles. That required two shots. I am need of a booster shot for tetanus, as it has been long past the ten year interval recommended for booster shots for tetanus. Many other vaccines for other diseases also require two shots initially and/ or booster shots later. “Booster shots are repeat vaccinations you receive after your first series of immunizations as a child. Protection from certain vaccines can wane over time, which is why doctors advise boosters” (Harvard. Do). But most of all, the influenza vaccine is a yearly shot. That is because the influenza virus mutates each year, so an updated vaccine is required. It is the same for Covid, as I will discuss later.

    But going the other way, since it was known early on that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, there never was any logical reason for vaccine mandates. That could be another reason Biden lied about it, just so he could make himself look good for his leftist base and institute vaccine mandates.


Republicans vs. Democrats


      The inability of conservatives to understand the simple but vital distinction between mild and severe illness is one of many reasons Republicans have downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic and have dissed the vaccines. Those attitudes have led to far fewer Republicans than Democrats to get vaccinated, which has in turn led to far more Republicans than Democrats to die from Covid.


      The study found that death rates from Covid-19 were only slightly higher for Republicans than Democrats during the early days of the pandemic, before vaccines became available. But by the summer of 2021, a few months after vaccines were introduced, “the Republican excess death rate rose to nearly double that of Democrats, and this gap widened further in the winter of 2021.” The sudden increase in the gap between Republican and Democratic death rates “suggests that vaccine take-up likely played an important role,” the study found….

      The partisan divide over vaccination developed almost as soon as Covid-19 vaccines became available in early 2021, and it continued to widen. By September 2021, 92 percent of registered Democrats had been vaccinated, compared with only 56 percent of Republicans, according to a Gallup survey at the time.

      But the National Bureau of Economic Research study provides some of the strongest evidence yet that the refusal of many Republicans to get vaccinated has made them much more likely to die from Covid-19. While those who have been vaccinated often still contract the virus, many studies have shown that people who have been vaccinated are much less likely to die from the disease (Intercept. The Right’s).


      A new study shows that the left’s campaign to kill unvaccinated Republicans worked.

      According to a National Bureau of Economic Research study, “political affiliation has emerged as a potential risk factor for COVID-19.” …

      Democrats — especially Biden — the corporate media, and Hollywood worked overtime to make Trump voters feel like fools if they chose to get vaccinated. The idea was very simple and quite brilliant: Bully Trump voters as rubes about the vaccine. This meant Trump voters could either 1) feel like they were caving to left-wing bullies, or 2) rebel against the bullying by remaining unvaccinated. The organized left, again led by Biden, deliberately dehumanized, insulted, ridiculed, and othered Trump voters into a corner, hoping they would rebel and not take the miracle vaccine.

      Unfortunately, as we can see, it worked (Breitbart. Nolte: Study Shows).


      Far more Republicans than Democrats died from Covid. One major reason for that sad fact is the misinformation spread by conservative commentators about Covid and the vaccines. I documented this point in previous articles. It is why I stopped listening to most all conservative commentators, as I knew their antivax rhetoric was literally killing people, especially Republicans. And now there is even more evidence in this regard, as seen in the above quoted articles. They indicate twice as many Republicans as Democrats died from Covid after the vaccines became readily available. 

      There are aspects of the far-left Intercept article that are not accurate. They are pointed by the very conservative Breitbart. But even the Breitbart article admits the central thesis of the Intercept article is correct—far more Republicans than Democrats died and continue to die from Covid. That is confirmed by looking at the actual study.


      We estimate substantially higher excess death rates for registered Republicans when compared to registered Democrats, with almost all of the difference concentrated in the period after vaccines were widely available in our study states. Overall, the excess death rate for Republicans was 5.4 percentage points (pp), or 76%, higher than the excess death rate for Democrats. Post- vaccines, the excess death rate gap between Republicans and Democrats widened from 1.6 pp (22% of the Democrat excess death rate) to 10.4 pp (153% of the Democrat excess death rate). The gap in excess death rates between Republicans and Democrats is concentrated in counties with low vaccination rates and only materializes after vaccines became widely available….

      If these differences in vaccination by political party affiliation persist, then the higher excess death rate among Republicans is likely to continue through the subsequent stages of the COVID-19 pandemic (NBER. Excess Deaths).


      As I have mentioned previously, I think what happened is the right became Covid deniers and antivax in an overreaction to the medically useless and destructive lockdowns. In arguing against them, they denied the seriousness of Covid and thus the need for the vaccines. I even reported previously about cases of right-wingers denying with their dying breath they were dying from Covid.


Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated


      The rate of Covid deaths among the unvaccinated are still far greater than among the vaccinated. But you need to consider “rates” not absolute numbers to account for the fact that far more many Americans are now vaccinated than unvaccinated. Fewer are fully boosted, but that needs to be considered as well when comparing the numbers.

      That distinction is important, as conservatives will try to downplay the effectiveness of the vaccines by citing absolute numbers. But when the number or people in each group differs widely, then such comparisons are misleading. Consider the following quotes:


      Vaccines and new treatments have helped dramatically improve the odds of surviving a Covid infection and rising cases does not necessarily entail a rise in deaths. The disease still represents a serious health risk and hundreds of people are still dying with the disease every day. Deaths have been relatively static for much of October [2022] and sit at more than 2,500 people dead with Covid for the weeks ending October 19 and October 12….

      A fifth of Americans have still not been vaccinated at all, according to CDC data, and less than half of vaccinated people have gone on to get the first booster shot recommended by experts, let alone a second ….

      1.07 million. That’s how many people have died in the U.S. since the pandemic began, according to CDC data [as of October 27, 2022]. Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health and the Commonwealth Fund estimate 90,000 deaths could be averted this fall and winter if 80% of eligible Americans get their booster by the end of the year (Forbes. Covid Hospitalizations).


      The death rate among unvaccinated people is still far higher than that among the vaccinated even though vaccinated people now make up a significant proportion of deaths…

      With shots widely available to almost all age groups, the majority of the U.S. population has been vaccinated. So even if only a small fraction of vaccinated people who get COVID die from it, the more people who are vaccinated, the more likely they are to make up a portion of the dead….

      In order to avoid the pitfalls of absolute numbers, it is useful to instead look at incidence rates—usually expressed as the number of deaths per 100,000 people. Standardizing the denominator across all groups offers a very different picture.

      For the month of March [2022], “unvaccinated people 12 years and older had 17 times the rate of COVID-associated deaths, compared to people vaccinated with a primary series and a booster dose,” says Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service commander Heather Scobie, deputy team lead for surveillance and analytics at the CDC’s Epidemiology Task Force. “Unvaccinated people had eight times the rate of death as compared to people who only had a primary series,” suggesting that boosters increase the level of protection....

      An additional factor to consider is that as the pandemic wears on and a disproportionate number of unvaccinated people die from COVID, the unvaccinated population shrinks. This leaves a comparatively larger vaccinated group, leading to an increase in total deaths despite the lower death rate among vaccinated people. No vaccine is 100 percent effective, but immunization reduces the risk of dying from COVID substantially (Scientific American. How to).


Effectiveness of the Vaccines


      If the preceding is not enough to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines, let me quote a few more studies.


      Studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented severe disease and deaths. But bogus claims that they don’t work continue to circulate online. One claim relies on a misleading graph showing cumulative deaths in the U.S., but omits information about the number of deaths among the vaccinated versus unvaccinated since the shots became available….

      A more recent analysis that looked at the first year the vaccines were available found that, without the vaccines, there would have been an additional 1.1 million deaths and 10.3 million hospitalizations in the U.S. But falsehoods claiming that the vaccines don’t work continue to spread on social media….

      To support its claim that the vaccines have had “no measurable impact” on deaths from COVID-19, the post includes a graph that shows steadily increasing deaths from March 2020 to January 2022 in the U.S., with a marker noting when the vaccines were introduced in December 2020.

      But the graph shows the cumulative total of deaths over the course of the pandemic. So, the line will continue to rise as more deaths each day are added to the total. The graph doesn’t tell us anything about the effect of vaccines on COVID-19.

      A more useful graphic would show the rates of cases and deaths each day. Below, we see that the rate of death was much higher relative to the rate of cases before the vaccines became widely available through the spring of 2021….

      Even more critically, most of the deaths that occurred after the vaccines became available were among unvaccinated people (Fact Check. COVID-19 Vaccines).


      Such deceptive use of graphs and statistics is common among Covid antivaxxers. There is then much more in the preceding Fact Check article refuting claims of the non-effectiveness of the vaccines, and it presents evidence of their effectiveness, similar to what I have presented previously.


      Covid-19 vaccines cut the potential global death toll by more than half in the first year they were available, according to a study published Thursday [6/23/22] ]in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

      The study modeled the spread of the disease in 185 territories and countries and found that without Covid vaccines, 31.4 million people would have died of the disease between December 2020 and 2021. While the pandemic has taken a devastating toll around the globe, with more than 3.5 million deaths since the first vaccine was administered in December 2020, the study estimated that vaccinations also prevented 19.8 million deaths (Stat. Covid-19 vaccines).


      In December 2021, we reported that the first year of the U.S. vaccination effort had averted 1.1 million deaths and 10.3 million hospitalizations (compared to a no-vaccine scenario), primarily by blunting a surge in the Delta variant during the summer and early autumn of 2021. Since then, nearly all U.S. regions have experienced a massive wave of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by the highly transmissible Omicron variant. Yet that wave could have been much larger in the absence of a vaccination program….

      Through March 2022, we estimate that COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the U.S. prevented over 2 million deaths and 17 million hospitalizations. There would have been an estimated 66 million additional infections and nearly $900 billion in associated health care costs in the absence of vaccination (Commonwealth Fund. Impact).  


      Thus, almost 20 million lives worldwide and over two million here in the USA were saved by the Covid vaccines.


VAERS Revisited Again


      The right tries to support their antivax rhetoric with claims the vaccines have killed thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even more than Covid itself. Much of this rhetoric comes from the unverified VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). I have discussed the unreliable and unverified nature of VAERS previously, so I will not repeat that here. I will just say as I have previously, that even if you take the death counts of VAERS at face value, you still end up with Covid itself being far more deadly than the  vaccines.

      Now, it is true, the risk/benefit ratio is lower for lower risk groups than for high-risk groups. But the same could be said for any vaccine or medical treatment for that matter. Those under 50 would benefit far less from the Covid vaccines than those over 50 and those with comorbidities. That is true. But for those in high-risk groups, there is little doubt any slight risk from the vaccines is far outweighed by the benefits.

      However, in making the decision whether to get vaccinated or not, it does not help when the right downplays the seriousness of Covid even for high-risk groups, while the left ignores the differing risk of different people groups. It also does not help when false information about the vaccines is perpetrated, as seen in the following quotes.


(This story was posted on Jan. 6, 2022)…

      Since December 2020, more than 469 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the U.S., and VAERS has received 10,483 reports of death (0.0022%), according to the CDC. (Numbers as of Dec. 29, 2021.)

      However, that statistic offers no insight into the cause of death for those people. If a 90-year-old nursing home resident got the vaccine and then died days, weeks or even months later of another ailment, the resident’s death would be reported to VAERS.

      To address the misinformation about VAERS, the CDC shares context around adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccines and emphasizes that reports of deaths (and other adverse events) do not necessarily mean the vaccines are to blame. “A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines,” the CDC notes.

      Meanwhile, what we do know for sure is that more than 58 million U.S. residents have been infected and more than 800,000 have died from COVID-19, and the vaccine is one of the best tools to slow the spread of the virus and save lives (MU Health Care. Scary Reports).


      Do not miss that tiny percentage of Covid deaths from the vaccines even if you take the VAERS data as reliable, even though it is not. The number of deaths reported to VAERS is now higher, but that tiny 0.0022% would still be accurate, given the corresponding higher number of vaccines administered.


Published May 03, 2022

      VAERS data also first surfaced reports of myocarditis following the second dose of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. After extensive review, scientists determined that the benefits of the vaccine ultimately outweigh the increased risk of myocarditis observed in some of the vaccinated (primarily males ages 12–29).

      Moreover, additional studies show the risk of myocarditis to be 16 times greater among those infected with COVID-19 than the uninfected, suggesting that full vaccination is helpful in preventing myocarditis and other complications of the disease….

      “The COVID vaccine especially is where VAERS has gotten so misused,” Talaat says. “Eighty percent of people in this country have gotten at least one dose. Well, a lot of things have happened to 80% of people in the last two years that are unrelated to the vaccine.”

      In particular, Talaat adds, many anti-vaccination proponents misattributed reported deaths after COVID-19 vaccination as evidence that the vaccines are not safe. “You are supposed to report deaths in a certain period after vaccination,” she says. “But the reality is, if you are 90 years old and have a heart attack, or diabetes, or are in the hospital [at the time of vaccination], it’s probably not related [to the vaccination].”

      Still, a team investigates each report of death. So far, the only deaths related to COVID-19 vaccination have been extremely rare cases after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (John Hopkins. What VAERS, brackets in original).


      I have explained all of this previously, but the preceding articles are a good review.

      On the risk of myocarditis, this study verifies what I reported previously—the risk of myocarditis is greater from Covid itself than from the vaccines. That point is reinforced by the following:


      [Claim] “Study proves children’s hearts destroyed by COVID vaccine.” …

      To put these numbers further into scale, those 4,249 reported adverse events are out of 8.7 million vaccine doses administered over that time period; fewer than one-thousandth of 1% of children who received the vaccine reported elevated troponin, a protein released into the blood during heart damage. Of the 11 children verified to have myocarditis, seven had recovered and the other four were recovering at the time of the report’s publication…

      A far greater risk factor for myocarditis, studies show, is COVID-19 itself. A September 2021 CDC report found that patients of all ages with COVID-19 have a 16 times greater risk of myocarditis compared with patients without COVID-19. And while COVID-19 is usually mild among children, some develop multisystem inflammatory syndrome, or MIS-C, where many different parts of the body, including the heart, become inflamed….

      “Children are much more likely to develop heart issues after COVID-19 infection than after the vaccine,” said Elias. “When children develop myocarditis after COVID-19 infection, it’s typically much more severe than when it occurs post-vaccine.”

      The American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend COVID-19 vaccination for children over age five. Children are more likely to avoid heart complications from COVID-19 with vaccination than without.

      We rate this claim False (PolitiFact. “Study proves).


      Going back to the prior quote, it is true, males aged 12-29 are at little risk from Covid. Thus, for that specific sex and age range, it is less certain whether the risk/benefit ratio would support vaccination. Again, both the true risk from Covid and the true risk from the vaccines needs to be ascertained on an individual basis, based on a particular individual’s personal risk factors.

      That was the same with the risk of blood clots from the J&J vaccine. It was a very tiny risk and only a risk factor for women of childbearing age. Thus, there was no reason to pause its use for the  rest of us.

      However, that point about the J&J vaccine in the quote will really upset Covid antivaxxers, but it is true. The only verified deaths from the Covid vaccines at that time (spring 2021) were the nine deaths from blood clots among women of childbearing age after the J&J shot, as I reported previously. That very low number is reinforced by the more recent studies in the next section.


Real Number of Covid Vaccine Caused Deaths


      Published online 2022 Feb 16.

      More than eight billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered globally so far and 44.29% of people are fully vaccinated. Pre-authorization clinical trials were carried out and the safety of vaccines is still continuously monitored through post-commercialization surveillance. However, some people are afraid of vaccine side effects, claiming they could lead to death, and hesitate to get vaccinated. Herein, a literature review of COVID-19-vaccine-related deaths has been carried out according to the PRISMA [Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review] standards to understand if there is a causal relationship between vaccination and death and to highlight the real extent of such events.

      There have been 55 cases of death after COVID-19 vaccination reported and a causal relationship has been excluded in 17 cases. In the remaining cases, the causal link between the vaccine and the death was not specified (8) or considered possible (15), probable (1), or very probable/demonstrated (14). The causes of deaths among these cases were: vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) (32), myocarditis (3), ADEM (1), myocardial infarction (1), and rhabdomyolysis (1).

      In such cases, the demonstration of a causal relationship is not obvious, and more studies, especially with post-mortem investigations, are needed to deepen understanding of the possible pathophysiological mechanisms of fatal vaccine side effects. In any event, given the scarcity of fatal cases, the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks and the scientific community needs to be cohesive in asserting that vaccination is fundamental to containing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (HIH. Death after).


      Yes, 55 verified deaths, not just in the USA but worldwide from the Covid vaccines. That is all that reliable research has verified. That’s it. And at least 17 of those are most certainly not related to the vaccines. That leaves just 37 that are possible, probable, or demonstrated to be related to the vaccines. That is out of 8,000,000,000 doses administered. 37/ 8,000,000,000 is such a tiny percentage I couldn’t even calculate it. I just get error messages when I try to input those numbers into a calculator.

      I know Covid Antivaxxers are probably screaming at this point, as they “just know” there have been far more vaccine caused deaths. But such claims are bogus, as the following study about child deaths from the vaccines in the United Kingdom demonstrates.


      “There has not been an 8,200% increase in child deaths between 2021 and 2022,” based on weekly data through early October [2022], the spokesperson said. Comparing total deaths over the same period across the last three years shows that “from week 1 to week 39 in 2020, there were 2,419 deaths registered for 0-14-year-olds. Based on weekly data, from week 1 to week 39 in 2021, there were 2,415 deaths registered for 0-14-year-olds. Based on weekly data, from week 1 to week 39, in 2022 there were 2,496 deaths registered for 0-14-year-olds.”

      “So barely any change”, the spokesperson added….

      Children with underlying health conditions who were most at risk from COVID-19 were first in line to be vaccinated in the UK beginning in late 2021 and early 2022 (here and here).

       “Clinically vulnerable children and young people have higher mortality rates than those with no comorbidities, and this explains why vaccinated children have a higher rate of death than those who remained unvaccinated,” the spokesperson said.

      However, “there is no evidence of the vaccine having an effect on death rates,” they added, citing tables 12 and 13 on the monthly spreadsheets available at this ONS webpage (here), which illustrate the rarity of deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccination at any age, and only one involving a child in the UK.

      In the most recent spreadsheet tally of deaths between March 2020 and August 2022 (here), a total of 54 deaths in all age groups are attributed to “COVID-19 vaccines causing adverse effects in therapeutic use” (table 12), and of these, a single death occurred in the 10-19 age group while there were none among younger children (table 13). (Reuters. Fact Check-COVID-19 vaccines).


      The claim of an increase in child deaths of over 8,000% was completely bogus, not supported by the facts and data. But, as I reported previously, Covid antivaxxers are not averse to making things up to spread their hysteria about the vaccines.

      But note also, if there is barely any change in deaths from 2020 to 2022 among children, that also means few children died from Covid. That is where the left got it wrong in asserting a high risk for children as a justification for school closures and now in trying to mandate Covid vaccines for school attendance.

     On the other hand, note the “54 deaths” number in the last paragraph. That verifies the previous claim of just 55 deaths from the Covid vaccines worldwide. Again, I know that will upset Covid antivaxxers, but it is the accurate number of verified Covid vaccine caused deaths worldwide.


This two-part article will be concluded in the next issue of FitTips for One and All..



      See Update on Covid Deaths (Refuting Covid Lies by the Right and Fearmongering by the Left): References.


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Wellness Visit, Heart Disease and Cancer Concerns is a new update on Rotator Cuff Injury 2.0: Part Four. I have been telling people for years that my health would deteriorate if I were to stop powerlifting, and that is exactly what is happening after 1-1/2 years of not being able to train at my normal high intensity to prepare for contests.

I just updated the autobiography on my personal website.

Second Post-Surgery Appointment and Continuing Progress is a new update on Rotator Cuff Injury 2.0: Part Four. X-rays showed the surgery took, and I am progressing as planned. But it has now been 1-1/2 years since I have had full use of both arms at the same time. It is really getting tiresome. It will probably be sometime next year before I will have full use of my right arm and can stop stressing out over reinjuring it. That stress is even worse than the physical limitations.

One Year Post Left Shoulder Surgery is a new update on Rotator Cuff Injury 2.0: Part Four. It has been one year since surgery on my left shoulder. It is almost fully recovered. But I cannot tell for sure due to not being able to engage in full activities due to only being five weeks post-op on my right shoulder. Plus, my adductor is still problematic.

Rotator Cuff Injury 2.0: Part Four is a new page. It starts with a patriotic picture of me with my sling. It then has a “Sling and Rehab Updates” section. My rehab is going slowly but as planned.

New on Darkness to Light Website

Below are new articles on my Christian website that have been posted since the last issue of this newsletter was published.

Vol. XX, No. 7 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

“Abortion Rights” vs. “The Killing of Unborn Babies” - Part One is a new article

“Abortion Rights” vs. “The Killing of Unborn Babies” - References is a new page.

Vol. XX, No. 6 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

The following are new parts to the article Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement:

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part Two

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part Three
(Final Thoughts on the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement)

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: References
These references further show the destructive and pervasive nature of the LGBTQ movement, but also the possibility of fighting back.

I just updated the autobiography on my personal website.

Vol. XX, No. 5 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part One is a new article.

Student Debt Transfer vs. The Substitutionary Atonement of Christ is a short new article. Debt and sin are always paid for. Forcing others to pay for students’ debts has bad results, while having your sins paid for by Christ has good results.

New on Biblical and Constitutional Politics Website

Below are new articles on my politics website that have been posted since the last issue of this newsletter was published.

October 2022 Commentaries is a new page. It has a commentary about the Oz - Fetterman debate.

The following are new parts to the article Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement:

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part Two

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part Three
(Final Thoughts on the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement)

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: References
These references further show the destructive and pervasive nature of the LGBTQ movement, but also the possibility of fighting back.

I just updated the autobiography on my personal website.

New Book! Biased J6 Commission: The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial; This Book Gives You the Other Half

    The public hearings in the summer of 2022 about the tragic events of January 6, 2021 (J6) were the prosecution presenting its case against Donald J. Trump. But he was not afforded a defense. This book provides that defense. Do not miss how dangerous this precedent was. What if this were you? How would you like it if primetime hearings were held prosecuting you, aired on all major networks, but without you ever being able to present a defense on such a grand scale? But this book presents the other side, so the reader can make an informed decision about J6 and Trump’s role in it.

Biden’s “Soul of a Nation” Speech (which was really a hate-filled, fearmongering, divisive diatribe) is a new article.

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part One is a new article.

Student Debt Transfer vs. The Substitutionary Atonement of Christ is a short new article. Debt and sin are always paid for. Forcing others to pay for students’ debts has bad results, while having your sins paid for by Christ has good results.

New Book! Trump Fights Back with Statements: Against the Lies of Joe Biden, Attacks from Dems, and the Bias of the Media, of Big Tech, and of the J6 Commission

    If you enjoyed reading Trump’s Tweets on Twitter until January 8, 2021 or are enjoying his Truths on Truth Social since April 29, 2022, then you should enjoy this book. It fills in the gap with all of his email Statements issued between those dates. These Statements were often Trump fighting back against the lies of President Joe Biden. They also reflect Trump fighting back against the ongoing bias of the mainstream media (MSM) and of Big Tech and against the Dem-controlled Commission (which Trump calls the “Unselect Committee”) investigating the tragic events of January 6, 2021 (J6).

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