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Restless Leg Syndrome Emails

The following emails are commenting on my article on how I overcame Restless Leg Syndrome. The emailers comments are black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My responses at the time are in red, while added current comments are in purple.

>Subject: RLS [restless leg syndrome]

Dear Gary,

I found your article on NADH on the internet. I have been using Neurotin or Mirapex for over a year. I have RLS at night and really tried to avoid the drugs, but eventually I had to go on them to sleep at all. I do some yoga, exercise and keep a routine to help my legs, but I still need help. So, when I found your article I felt like this was for me. I felt that the way that you communicated about your situation and experience with drugs, I really trusted your advice.

So after having to deal with side effects with drugs, I went and got some NADH and after a couple of nights it was working. I still have to take really good care of myself and if I am too stressed or upset, I can have trouble with my legs at night, but overall, I am better. I have not taken the other drugs for a few weeks now and I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

>I wanted you to know that you have really helped me. Thank you for your contribution in this area. You have given me some hope that answers are still out there.

Thank you, thank you thank you!


I glad to hear my article was of help to you. That's why I wrote it. Thanks for letting me know.

Note: NADH is available from VitaCost.

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