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Proper NAET Treatment Method

By Gary F. Zeolla


Note: Be sure to read the Update" at the end of this article, or you will get the wrong impression of the writer's final attitude towards NAET.

Different NAET practitioners use slightly different methods in performing the treatments. Below is a description of the methods the main doctor I went to used in treating me.

Note: This article is a follow-up to Introduction to NAET and Applied Kinesiology. One should read that article first as this article assumes knowledge of information it.

Treating the Basics First

Some NAET practitioners will immediately treat the patient’s worse allergens, whether they are foods or environmental allergens. And many people do have success being treated in this fashion. However, the protocol that the doctor followed is the prescribed NAET protocol of treating the “12 basics” first and then treating other allergies. The basics consist of some of the most commonly eaten foods and the most important nutrients.

The reason these are treated first is that all of these nutrients are important to a properly functioning immune system. In NAET theory, if one is allergic to a nutrient or a food that contains it, then one’s body is not able to properly absorb and utilize that nutrient. As a result, even with adequate intake one could end up deficient in that nutrient. And a deficiency in any necessary nutrient can have serious health consequences, including a malfunctioning immune system. So is it important to treat the basics first so the immune system will be strong enough to fully clear other allergens.

The 12 basics are:
1. Chicken/ egg mix
2. Milk/ calcium mix
3. Vitamin C mix
4. B complex mix
5. Sugar mix
6. Iron/ meat mix
7. Vitamin A mix/ Fish mix/ Shellfish mix
8. Mineral mix
9. Salt mix/ chlorides
10. Corn mix
11. Grain mix
12. Yeast mix/ Candida (Nambudripad, The NAET Guide Book, p. 28).

It should be noted that a patient is not necessarily treated for all of these. Only the ones that are found to be an allergen are treated. In my case, I needed to be treated for nine of them.

Now preceding the basics might be a treatment for “Brain Body Balance Formula” (BBF). This is a new item that Dr. Devi came out with in 2001. In some way it prepares the body for the other treatments to come. Moreover, BBF can often be added to other treatments to help them more completely clear.

Treatment Method

What follows is a description of actual treatment method the doctor utilized when she performed the NAET treatments on me.

Before testing for anything, the doctor had me lie down and first checked for “overcharged meridians.” (Note: a meridian is an energy pathway in the body). The meridians can get overcharged if one is doing too many treatments a week, due to emotional stress, or for other reasons. Then to be sure, she does a slightly different test for “under-charged meridians.”

Over-charged meridians would mean it was not okay to treat at that time but an under-charged meridian would mean that it was okay to treat. It is frustrating to drive all the way to a practitioner’s office and not be able to do a treatment, but it is better to not do a treatment when the body is not ready for one then to try and have the treatment fail anyways.

The doctor then would check to see that all my “meridians” were appropriately balanced. She did so by touching me at various parts of my body corresponding to different organs while testing the strength of my outstretched arm. If any were weak she would rub that area and test it again until I tested “strong.”

She then would test me with a vial to see if I was allergic to the item(s) it contains. (Note: a “vial” is what a NAET practitioner uses when treating for an allergy. Basically it looks like a small test tube. Contained in it is a small sample of the items to be treated for.)

When she found a vial I was allergic to and that would need to be treated that day, she would ask, “Does any other item or element need to be added to this item?” For almost every treatment I had done I had to add the BBF vial.

And for many treatments I added other allergic substances as well. So, for instance, when I was treated for vitamin A, we also added the fish and shellfish mixes. So I was able to clear all of these items at once rather than each being a separate treatment.

Once she had the full number of items to treat, she would then check “levels.” This was done with me holding in order each of the first three fingers against the thumb. Each of the fingers represents a different level. Dr. Devi explains what these are, “Allergens can block a meridian at three levels: physical, nutritional (a.k.a. chemical, biochemical, or physiological) and emotional (a.k.a. psychological, mental, or spiritual)” (Say Goodbye to Illness, pp. 141, 142).

It is important to know what levels the allergen is blocking as it makes a difference when it comes time to treat the gates (Note: “Gates” are trigger points in the arms and legs). There is an extra “gate” to treat if the allergy includes the emotional realm.

Once the level(s) of the allergen were determined it would be time to stimulate the spinal points. For this the doctor had me sit up, and she would stand behind me. To stimulate the points she used a device called an “activator.” Basically it is a small hand-held device that when she presses it the middle part pops out. This is used to perform acupressure along the spinal points. But it is also possible for the practitioner just to use their thumbs.

The spinal points for the first three passes are the bony projections on either side of the spinal column, located just outside of the “indent” along the middle of the back. For the final pass, the spinal projections a little further out are stimulated.

For the first pass, the doctor would tell me to breath in deeply and then hold my breath. She then stimulated the spinal points along one side of the spine. Then she would tell me to breathe normally for a couple of seconds, then to hold my breathe again while she stimulated the points along the other side.

For the second pass, she would have me breathe in deeply then exhale all of my air, then hold the air out while she stimulated the spinal points. For the third pass she would have me pant. Then for the final pass she would have me breathe normally.

So the pattern would be: first with oxygen, second without oxygen, third while panting, fourth while breathing normally. This breathing pattern helps the allergens to fully clear.

Then she would stimulate the “gates” in the arms and hands. She did this using a similar but smaller applicator. The first gate is located in the “webbing” between the right thumb and index finger. The second point is the “emotional gate” and is only stimulated if the testing shows there is an emotional level to the allergen(s) being treated. It is located on the outside of the right wrist.

The third point is located on a point outside of the elbow. The fourth, fifth and sixth points are the same points on the left arm. The seventh point is located to the inside of the left shin. The eighth point is located in the “webbing” between the big toe and the next toe. The ninth and tenth points are the same points on the right leg. Then the first point on the right hand is stimulated a second time.

Now some practitioners might stimulate additional trigger points. But these are the only ones that the doctor would stimulate.

Then after treating the back points and gates, the doctor would then retest to be sure I now tested strong and thus clear of the allergen. She would also ask, “Is there 100% clearance of this combination?” And she would retest each of the organs and levels as described above. If anyone of these did not test strong then she would retreat as needed.

Then I would hold the vials I was treated for for the 20 minutes. She would then come and recheck everything again. Then I would hand her the vial(s) I was treated with and rub my hands for about 30 seconds. Somehow this “disperses” the energy built up during the treatment. The avoidance period then began at this point.

At my next appointment she would do all of the testing again to be sure everything had cleared completely. And if we used more than one vial, she would test each individually as well as in combination with the others.

Importance of this Protocol

I know the above all sounds rather strange and complicated, but it is necessary to be this thorough to be sure that an allergen has cleared all in all respects. If just one of the organs or levels is not completely cleared then you could still react when eating or coming in contact with an allergen. It is also possible for someone to “lose” a treatment if things are not done correctly in the first place.

When the NAET Web site had a discussion board, there were complaints from some patients about “losing” a treatment. They said that the allergen cleared initially, and they were able to eat the food for a while without problems. But then after a few months they began having problems consuming the food again.

The response they would get from others was that if this happens it means the item was not cleared 100% in the first place. And when such people would describe the treatment method their practitioner had used, it was obvious that they were not as thorough as the doctor. Their practitioner was not following one or more of the above described protocols. So what was probably happening was some part of the allergen had not cleared. And this eventually caused the entire treatment to be lost.

But reading the descriptions of what practitioners were supposed to be doing, it was obvious that the doctor was doing all that was necessary to be sure an allergen cleared 100% and thus the allergy wouldn’t come back. And in fact, I have not lost any the 72 treatments I underwent while going to the doctor. It is for this reason that at the beginning of this article I stated that the method in she treated me was the best method.

Home Treatments

Even thought the above description is rather complicated, one might think it really wouldn’t be that difficult to learn to do this at home. And, in fact it is possible to do so. However, one needs to be very careful. My experiences in this regard will prove instructive.

I had so many allergies that need to be treated that things were beginning to drag on a lot longer than I had hoped, not to mention getting rather expensive. And the doctor realized this. So she suggested I try doing some treatments at home.

I was rather leery about this. Prior to going to the doctor I had been to another doctor for NAET treatments. And during that time I had come across the book The Food Allergy Cure by Ellen Cutler. She has her own version of allergy treatments called BioSET. But reading the book, it was clear that it was just a variant of what this doctor was doing. But what was intriguing about this book was that Cutler gives directions on how to do the treatments at home.

So I decided to try a home treatment by having my dad read the section on home treatments and then having him stimulate the spinal points and trigger points as described in the book. I had seen this doctor do this enough times that I figured I knew what had to be done. But when I woke up the next morning I felt like my sinuses were going to explode. I had obviously messed something up. I felt terrible the rest of the day.

Fortunately, this doctor was able to see me the next day. And sure enough, he said we had messed something up. So he treated me to correct the problem. If he hadn’t been able to see me so quickly, I might really have been in trouble.

I mention this as a warning to the reader. Even thought these treatments seem rather easy to do, they are “powerful stuff” as this doctor once put it, and if done incorrectly can make things even worse.

With that said, the doctor really did feel it was important that I try it again. But to be sure we would do things right, my dad came with me to my next appointment, and the doctor took the time to show him how to properly perform the treatments. And it worked. The treatments at home proved to be just as beneficial as the treatments at the doctor’s office.

For instance, I did home treatments for soy, green beans, popcorn, and chocolate. All of these were food items that I had previously had a severe problem with, but after treatment I could eat them without problems.

So yes, once can successfully do home treatments. But I would suggest only doing so under the guidance of a trained NAET professional.

2012 Update

Although it seemed like the NAET treatments had worked initially when I finished them in the spring of 2002, very soon after I finished with the treatments, my health began to get worse. Most especially, my allergies began to come roaring back. Over the next few years, I gradually began to react to just about everything in my environment and many foods. I now feel like I am allergic to just about everything. As a result, I have been forced to live a basically isolated life, with rarely being able to leave my home. But even in my own home I am always coming into contact with things that bother me. And my fatigue has worsened over the years, so that now I can barely function. I barely have the energy to write even this short update.

But the strange part is, going to traditional allergists, blood and skin scratch testing says I have no allergies. So there is nothing they can do for me. All I can figure it the NAET treatments altered up my immune system so that I am not testing as being allergic to anything, but I still feel like I am. And when I am in an allergenic state, which I almost always am, I feel just plain terrible. I don't only get the "normal" allergenic reactions of nasal congestion and the like, but I feel "contaminated" like I am covered by dust, sweat, and dirt. And this leads to my other health problems all worsening, especially sleep disturbances.

So basically, my life is now a nightmare, with nowhere to turn. I am only 51 at this writing but feel like I am 80. The only thing that keeps me going is my very thin faith in God. Bottom line is I retract any recommendations I give for NAET treatments. But I am leaving my articles on NAET on this site just for those who are interested in them. But I wouldn't recommend it. For further details, see Dangers of Applied Kinesiology and NAET.

Cutler, Ellen. The Food Allergy Cure. Harmony Books, 2001.
Nambudripad, Devi, M.D.>The NAET Guide Book. Buena Park, CA: Delta Publishers, 2001.
    Say Goodbye to Illness. Buena Park, CA: Delta Publishers, 1999.

Proper NAET Treatment Method. Copyright 2002 By Gary F. Zeolla.

Disclaimer: The material presented in this article is intended for educational purposes only. The author is not offering medical or legal advice. Accuracy of information is attempted but not guaranteed. Before undertaking any diet, exercise, or health improvement program, one should consult your doctor. The author is in no way responsible or liable for any bodily harm, physical, mental, or emotional, that results from following any of the advice in this article.

The above article was posted on this site September 21, 2002.
The Update was posted August 15, 2012.

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